[How to] Foamcore Terrain, courtesy of Combo Smite!


Foamcore terrain

The folks over at COMBO SMITE has some really sweet foamcore building plans available for your table!

I got the materials to build these over the weekend, so be on the lookout for some pics when I can finally muster up some time to actually do it.  These are perfect for Infinity (the game I’m currently crushing on as you know) and probably even Malifaux (another game I wish I could play more of).

Check them out!


4 thoughts on “[How to] Foamcore Terrain, courtesy of Combo Smite!”

  1. Those buildings look great! I like the fact that the buildings have stairways and ladders for easy acess to the roofs (similar to Bandua), will make for easy gaming!

  2. Very interesting. I love seeing foam board terrain. I often feel I stick to too simple designs (due to storage space and durability) so it’s always cool to see what creative stuff others are coming up with instead.

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