Vlad, the Dark Knight cometh!

The Feat of Service event is coming up soon, and I’ve been tapped to paint a model donated by Fairfax Comics & Gaming for the silent auction.

That model is Vlad3.

Vlad has been know as the Dark Prince, the Dark Champion, and then his cavalry version went and mucked things up by naming him The Great Prince of Umbrey. Couldn’t even make him the Great Dark Prince of Umbrey or the Dark Horselord or something.

I’m fixing that folks. Well…in color scheme anyway…

vlad3 wip
“This isn’t my horse…”

He’s still in the very early stages, but the armor idea is pretty much there.  He has a very dark plate, but there are little twinges of Sanguine and blue that don’t quite come across that well in these pics, but has a very chroma-shift type effect in person.  I also tried to give the armor a very hammered look and texture rather than the typical slick colored inlays of the studio model.  You know, something really befitting of an ancient suit of armor.

You can see the color twinges a bit better in this pic...
You can see the color twinges a bit better in this pic…

This Saturday is the going to be the day I try and knock him out so that I can make sure that he’ll be ready in time for Feat of Service. Stay tuned and don’t forget to get your donations in, you can win some really cool stuff (and bid on this Vlad-fully painted of course)!


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