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What’s all this then?

What started out as a creative outlet to escape the drudgery of the office ((ノ °益°)ノ︵ ┻━┻), has actually morphed into quite the nice little hobby for myself.

This is merely a photolog/blog (a plog?) of my new found journey (began in September 2011)  into painting miniatures and tabletop war-gaming in general.

So join me on my trials and tribulations in becoming a model hobbyist (as opposed to a model model hobbyist).

Yes, but who are are?

Playboy. Poet. Adventurer.

These words have been used to describe someone else.

Me? I’m just an average guy.  A “dude” some might even say.  It is hard to distill anyone into a short little paragraph, but you can glean whatever you can about me from my wide range of interests including comics, movies, video games, crossfit (which is actually a more expensive hobby than miniatures when I think about it) and all other manner of things “nerd” and some not.

You know, I actually could go on and on…

…but I won’t.

On the Privateer Press forums, my name is also volt_ron.

Oooo…BAMF. You could use those words to describe me!

Contacting me:

Any suggestions, questions, or requests you may have, you can just fill out the form below and I”ll get back to you.

All credit and rights to Privateer Press where applicable.
Likewise, all work and photos credit to me where applicable.

But time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time…

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