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A Valuation of My Hobby Addiction

I’m not so sure I want to know mine, but this is interesting all the same!

The Emprahs Mighty Flowry Meadow

We’ve all had some of those: “OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING?!?!” moments, as you swipe the Visa for your latest plastic crack purchase, when you realize you could have had 12 footlong sandwiches for the same price.  Groceries, for a week.  Maybe as much as half the rent cheque…?

Perhaps my mother trained me too well, I’m built to scrutinize every single penny that leaves my account honestly.  Factored into said scrutiny however, is often the inevitability of the purchase, and AGONY factor of having to delay from such a purchase.  Ultimately, if I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to spend the money, I may as well stop fretting about it and pull the goddamn trigger.

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Token Upgrade – UPDATE

Make your own Infinity tokens!

torg's blog

Ok, as promised here is a quick update to upgrading your markers. First, here is a link to this page where you can print out your own markers…Infinity Marker Sheet

This is a great resource … printout your markers – cut them out – cool!

To add to the task of upgrading my tokens I picked up this nice little 1″ dia. die cutter.

The cutter works great – and after noticing that Corvus Belli places additional markers on the tabs of their packaging – I went to work on punching them out 😛.


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Dark knight Vlad3 up for auction to benefit the Wounded Warriors charity!

Hey everyone!

This is the model I painted for the Feat of Service 2015 Charity Benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project. I feel Vlad is an appropriate model for Wounded Warriers due to his fluff. I went with a “Dark Knight” vibe as I felt that while looking cool, it was pretty agnostic towards any one’s existing paint schemes!

If you are interested in supporting the charity but are unable to attend you can find our online auctions here at

Dark Knight Vlad3
Dark Knight Vlad3

Here’s the direct link to the eBay auction!

Ruminations on the Protectorate and me…

Awhile ago, I decided to dive off the deep end and repaint my Menoth

…but that hasn’t quite come to fruition.  Why?  A variety of reasons really.  Not happy with the scheme or it’s execution were among the top because if I am going to dive off that cliff, I want to be 100% I like the end result.

But if I have to be honest with myself, the biggest reason is excitement. Or lack there of.

Prepare for a bit more text than usual….

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Here’s why the site has been so quiet…

So here’s the major distraction that’s been keeping me from the site and from wargaming in general!

Cool Hand Davey boy
Cool Hand Davey boy

As soon as he starts letting his mom and I get some sleep, I’ll be back in full force!  I mean it’s been 3 months already, he’s gotta start sleeping some time right?! Please Davey pleeeease…

In my absence I have been stockpiling games (may not be the wisest decision) so here’s what I got in the pipe:

  • Circle Orboros!  Yeah I technically started these guys right before WMW, but I’ve only gotten like 5 games in with them since I came down with a terrible case of Con Crud…But I’ve added a Mohsar list to them that I’m excited about.
  • Wrath of Kings!  This came out of nowhere!  A bunch of WM regulars went to Templecon and got smitten with the game…and I have a need to be accepted so I joined them.  I have House Shael Han assembled.  I like the game the tiny bit of it I’ve tried…
  • INFINITY! Infinity always looms over me like a technicolor shadow…I received a Haqqislam army in a trade over the Christmas holiday that’s still sitting waiting for some attention and I’ve been stockpiling MDF terrain for the inevitable.  Plus Tohaa has been getting some CRAZY AWESOME models that I can’t wait to add like the Rasail Teams and Igao Unit!
    • Hoping to get over to Certs and his crew for an re-introduction into N3 (and maybe even some WoK or RK) sometime soon (soon meaning sometime in 2015 nowadays)!
  • Zac, if you are reading this: let’s play some Malifaux yo.
  • I just received my copy of Angel Giraldez’s Masterclass book and am working on getting the Joan of Arc model that came with it painted up.  I hope to have a review of the book up soon. The model is typical nu-Infinity, which is to say, it’s very good…

Masterclass Painting book from Angel Giraldez in 2015!

One of my favorite miniature painters (as in the models, he actually looks quite tall), and Infinity studio painter Angel Giraldez is coming out with a Masterclass how-to book in 2015!

It’ll be a limited run of 5000 copies, so you can rest assured that I’ll be preordering this one!

Check out the announcement here!

Check out his blog here and his facebook page here.