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Initial thoughts on eXerxis

Today I have a guest post from our local competitively minded player.  Following all the Warlock spoilers from Exigence yesterday, local Danny who has a Skorne army commissioned by Jolly Roger Studios, shares his thoughts on eXerxis.

Take it away!

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The Mid-Journeyman League Slump


I was going to try to avoid the slump this year.  I was energized to paint coming into March.  Then I met Skorne.

True to form at the end of our third week of Journeyman, I’ve entered the Mid-League Slump.  This is where you don’t think you’re going to finish painting your army or you’re even going to finish the league.

Three weeks in and the only things I’ve finished painting are a Bronzeback Titan, Marketh, an Ancestral Guardian, eHexy (well…almost), and maaaybe three Praetorian Swordsmen.  So if I’m being generous that’s seven models in three weeks. Not even double digits.  Last year with Rhyas I was in my homestretch.

Why? Well, I think the basic answer is that Skorne just isn’t hitting me, either in my painting parts nor in my gaming jones.  I even have two of my local Tyrants taking me under their wing to teach me the ways.  I’m not going to give up, because that’s just not me, but after the league I’m really contemplating putting Skorne up on the chopping block.  For the aforementioned reasons and because of some new distractions I’ll be writing about soon.

We still have three weeks to go and I am currently in third place in the game point standings (despite losing every single one of my games, weird), hopefully I can pull out a 180 on all counts.

UPDATE: I was not able to pull a 180, and decided to cut my losses.  The Skorne forces have been sold 😦  Sometimes you just can’t swim against the current.

Third Game – 2/26/14

Here’s a game with Makeda3!

Chronicles of a Mediocre Wargamer

Second game of the night for Week 2 was against Ron playing a Makeda3 tier list. His list was:

Faction: Makeda3 – Armageddon
Points: 50/50
Tiers: 4
Makeda and the Exalted Court (*2pts)
* Bronzeback Titan (10pts)
* Mammoth (19pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)
* Aptimus Marketh (3pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Praetorian Swordsmen (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
* Praetorian Swordsmen Officer & Standard (2pts)
Ancestral Guardian (3pts)

I’ve played against Skorne a few times but I’ve always lost when the Mammoth was on the other side. Generally what happens is I let my caster get killed by boosted AOEs, so I was going to try to avoid that this game. He won the roll (thanks in part to his tier bonus) and chose to go second. Deployment looked like:


For me it was Banes center, Raiders top right, Leviathan and arc node bottom left…

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[Journeyman 2014] Privateer Press really nailed Skorne…

Because everything about Skorne is torture! Putting them together and painting them especially!

So that’s why I haven’t had near the amount of progress posts I had last year with my Rhyas list, despite this Makeda3 list having less models overall in it.

Week 1 of the Journeyman 2014 season officially kicked off last week, and I’m already WAAAAY behind.  I haven’t got a single unit done…

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[Journeyman 2014] Another Skorne WIP, this time a Bronzeback Titan

I tend to do a unit model and a warjack/beast concurrently when starting a new army.  Getting those two models done really drives the rest of the progress. So with the Praetorian featured earlier this week and the other warbeasts in my list being more “troublesome” for lack of a better word, that just leaves the Bronzeback.
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[Journeyman 2014] Praetorian Swordsman test model, need some C & C!

Soon to be bringin' da pain to all the good little warcasters and warlocks.
Soon to be bringin’ da pain to all the good little warcasters and warlocks.

The first of my Skorne models is here.

Behold the first of twelve of these bros.  What do you guys thing?  The Skorne armor takes a long time to do, and I still don’t think it’s 100% to my liking.

Plus I feel like all the smooth blends and gradients I worked to get on the green are hidden by the bronze.

I mean, overall, I like the model and scheme.  I think it came out well, even for a rank-and-file guy. But I guess I’m at the apprehension stage I seem to hit when starting to paint a new army.

Any thoughts you may have are most definitely welcome. Now that I have a completed model, it’s time to be fine-tuning my method and process before moving on to say, Makeda or the Mammoth.

[Journeyman 2014] In which I learn that painting Skorne is also torture.

The time of this year’s Journeyman is almost here! Countdown one week from today!  Since we can have up to half of our list painted (about 27 points) before the start of the league, I figured it was time to get started on my death elves.

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Journeyman 2014 Rumblings

Our Gaming group’s annual Journeyman League is upon me once again…This year’s league is a lot earlier in the year per request and the focus has shifted to a more “competitive” minded league.

The league formats, they are a-changin’

While a huge issue I see with Journeyman, even though I love it so, is the issue of burnout.  Like I’ve said and most of you who have participated in one before can attest, it quickly becomes a numbers game where if you can’t keep up, you just about auto-lose and drop out a quarter of the way in.  Quality can also slip, something I also really don’t like.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not dumping investing all this time and effort into simply half ass painting my toy soldiers.  THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS YALL.

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