Free photo backdrops for your miniatures!

  Disclaimer: Not really a “how to” article per se, but free stuff!

Arithorn1 backdrop idea
Arithon1's backdrop. From this...

You deserve to see some nice pictures when you come to my site.  I want to give you them.  I want results like the pros. I want results like forum user Arithon1.

Arithon1 photo
...with results like this.

While I’m way off his painting skills, I may be able to replicate his photographs at least.  That got me thinkin’, which then got me photoshoppin’…

But first, let me just say that I’m sure my set up is less than ideal.  I’ve read what other people are doing and it’s usually about the same, except they seemed to be getting better results.  If you look at Arithon1’s setup up there, mine is essentially the same except I was using a plain white piece of paper.  I think that maybe this was messing with the colors and shadows.  It looked alright, but it didn’t look great.

So I decided to “borrow” his idea.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?  With some time to kill, I popped into Photoshop and went at it.  The results:

Rhyas backdrop test
Not bad...

Now keep in mind, I currently don’t have access to a color printer so that’s why the backdrop is in black and white.  I also didn’t have access to my other minis, just this Rhyas I got in a trade awhile back.  Also this was taken with my phone’s camera.  Still…not bad IMO.

I went ahead and made backdrops in different accent colors for you guys to have if you also wanted to do this!

Some of you may have to right click >> Save target as… to save them. 


Yellow backdrop   Blue backdrop   Red backdrop   Green backdrop   Purple backdrop

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