Mirage – Making a dry desert lake or Oasis — Dagger and Brush, Daggerandbrush, dagger brush

I always found deserts to be fascinating habitats. A cursory look will leave you with the impression that it is hell on earth: sandstorms, unbearable heat during the day and freezing at nighttime. Yet, the desert is not only home to thousands of plant and animal species, it also has a simple beauty to it, […]

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My First Painted Warmachine model in years 

I got talked into getting back into WM… 

So I’ve been working on getting a single 75pt list done up. 

Here’s my warcaster: Tristan Durant! 

Here’s the full list that I’m working towards (ihavenoideadog.gif):

75 / 75 Army

Sovereign Tristan Durant – WJ: +28

–    Hierophant – PC: 3

–    Vigilant – PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)

–    Vanquisher – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)

–    Templar – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 2)

–    Guardian – PC: 15

–    Castigator – PC: 12

Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero – PC: 5

Vassal of Menoth – PC: 3

Vassal of Menoth – PC: 3

Temple Flameguard – Leader & 9 Grunts: 11

–    Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4

Choir of Menoth – Leader & 5 Grunts: 6

I’ve been making steady progress and this is also a part of my long planned Menoth repaint… 

Tutorial: Custom made Dice Tray

Here’s a neat idea! Never thought of making a dice tray before, but they definitely come in handy!


You want a nice looking but cheap dice tray fitting your army or board game? Here you are:

What you need:

  • a picture frame with a 2cm border (about 1 inch), size 19cm x 23,5 cm or smaller [5 Euro)
  • a custom printed mousepad, you get it in nearly every printshop [9 Euro]
  • wood glue or super glue
  • a knife
  • a ruler
  • black primer


Remove the stand on the backside of the frame.


Remove the glas on the inside


I primed the mdf on both sides black.


And finally cut the Mousepad to a fitting size and glue it into the inside of the frame 🙂


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A Valuation of My Hobby Addiction

I’m not so sure I want to know mine, but this is interesting all the same!

The Emprahs Mighty Flowry Meadow

We’ve all had some of those: “OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING?!?!” moments, as you swipe the Visa for your latest plastic crack purchase, when you realize you could have had 12 footlong sandwiches for the same price.  Groceries, for a week.  Maybe as much as half the rent cheque…?

Perhaps my mother trained me too well, I’m built to scrutinize every single penny that leaves my account honestly.  Factored into said scrutiny however, is often the inevitability of the purchase, and AGONY factor of having to delay from such a purchase.  Ultimately, if I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to spend the money, I may as well stop fretting about it and pull the goddamn trigger.

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I’ve been working on the Rail Crew, all the live-long day…

While still on hiatus from Warmachine (although I did break out Rhyas for a Longest Night event last week in which I got to top table), I’ve been going full bore on knocking out my Ten Thunders crew members. The first up is Mei Fang’s Rail Crew:

"I've been working on the Rail Crew, all the live-long daaaaay!"
“I’ve been working on the Rail Crew, all the live-long daaaaay!”

I’ve always loved Mei Fang’s model and Railwalker is such a cool name for an ability (it’s even cooler in action in game).

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Games I Like – Frostgrave – Putting together an open campaign is a lot of work!

In addition to Malifaux and Infinity, Frostgrave is another game that’s caught our attention! Here’s a great warband and terrain!

Guerrilla Miniature Games

If you follow me on Facebook you’ve likely seen my real-time progress shots on Frostgrave, Osprey’s new Warband Adventure game, which I’ll be running an open Campaign for at the CoOp. I’m super-excited to get to play and I should have the bulk of the neccessary scenery for it done this weekend.

Here’s some progress shots of my Sigilist warband for those that haven’t seen them. They’re a mix of Reaper, Otherword and the new North Star Frostgrave Soldier plastic box!

The Warband so far

Treasure Hunter, Apprentice and Two Thugs

I’ve also been hard at work on terrain from a variety of sources. It will all be played on a Frontline Gaming Alpine FAT Mat.

Group ShotRuined Bridge

Table is starting to fill



Group Shot

Lots more to come!

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But time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time…