Per Request: Fill-able IKRPG Character Sheets!

As requested by follow time sinker blackbeardfreelance  on my post about my IKRPG experience, below are the fillable character sheets (in PDF form) I used.  This will handle all the calculations for you, as well as being easier to read/quicker to fill out in game.

Just download them and use a pdf program to fill them out.  I highly recommend Foxit PDF Reader, as aside from being a better pdf reader IMO than Adobe, it will also allow you to save them, something Adobe Reader does not let you do.

Also it should be noted that I can’t take the credit for making these, as I found them on PP’s forum.  I started to make one, but they just beat me to it 😉


3 thoughts on “Per Request: Fill-able IKRPG Character Sheets!”

  1. Much appreciated. And as to your last post, can’t wait to see what happens in y’alls game.

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