How to Play Warmachine Tutorial Video

Privateer Press is really embracing this whole internet fad thing and put out what is the definitive “How to Play Warmachine” video.

I’m sure they’ll do one for Hordes soon.

Here’s also my beginner’s guide: So you want to play Warmachine?


[Infinity] 3rd Edition News!

Last post I mentioned how you may be seeing more of Infinity on this blog come the new year.  That’s in part due to 3rd Edition (N3) releasing later this year in December!

N3 pre-orders have begun to go up and the folks over at Beasts of War are hosting another Infinity week with videos containing information on what N3 will bring!

Check them out below:

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[Arena Rex] Let’s check in on Arena Rex…

Since we last left Arena Rex, I was contemplating backing their kickstarter…I’m glad I did because while the game is late (more the norm with kickstarter rather than the exception), Red Republic Games has been doing everything right in my book in terms of communications and quality.  Check out these amazing latest sculpts!

They’ve also relaunched their website today with an art gallery to showcase their amazing artwork (the first thing that drew me to the game) and sculpts!  This one is getting really hard to wait for!