Is Three Wolf Moon still a thing? Here’s my take on it…

Why the lack of Circle Orboros updates?  Blame my painting spree in preparation of WMW.  The armies I’m painting are just…all of the place.

Everything is somewhere between 25-50% done (minus the Skinwalkers and Ghetorix ugh) and I keep jumping around as to avoid any kind of burn out in this crucial homestretch.

But I did want to share some progress today…

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Artwork for the new warjacks in Vengenance!

Here are some artwork scans (no rules spoilers sorry!) for the new warjacks coming in soon to come Vengeance book.

Enough talk, picture time!

[Journeyman 2014] Privateer Press really nailed Skorne…

Because everything about Skorne is torture! Putting them together and painting them especially!

So that’s why I haven’t had near the amount of progress posts I had last year with my Rhyas list, despite this Makeda3 list having less models overall in it.

Week 1 of the Journeyman 2014 season officially kicked off last week, and I’m already WAAAAY behind.  I haven’t got a single unit done…

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[Journeyman 2014] Praetorian Swordsman test model, need some C & C!

Soon to be bringin' da pain to all the good little warcasters and warlocks.
Soon to be bringin’ da pain to all the good little warcasters and warlocks.

The first of my Skorne models is here.

Behold the first of twelve of these bros.  What do you guys thing?  The Skorne armor takes a long time to do, and I still don’t think it’s 100% to my liking.

Plus I feel like all the smooth blends and gradients I worked to get on the green are hidden by the bronze.

I mean, overall, I like the model and scheme.  I think it came out well, even for a rank-and-file guy. But I guess I’m at the apprehension stage I seem to hit when starting to paint a new army.

Any thoughts you may have are most definitely welcome. Now that I have a completed model, it’s time to be fine-tuning my method and process before moving on to say, Makeda or the Mammoth.

[Paint the Target] January 2014 Results!

Welcome to the first results post of the 2014 Paint the Target season!

(I’m working on getting a better banner image…)

A number of you sent in your results this month (more than I was expecting in all honesty), with the target being painting a model you received over the past holidays.

Let’s get right into it shall we?

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[Infinity] Initial thoughts on Tohaa & Completed Army Pics!

I went with Tohaa as my first (and quite possibly only) Infinity force. Aesthetically, they hit all the right buttons. I haven’t come across a model I don’t like yet, which is a rarity as even though I love my Menoth, there are still models I don’t really care for in that regard (same goes for every faction in WM/H actually). So A+ there.

Tohaa Army
Aw yiss.

Playstyle-wise, so far the Tohaa seem a bit horde-ish to me as many lists I build have more than 10 models (conversely, the Haqqislam list I was initially going with was just 8 models if I remember correctly). You can make lists with less by using more Symbiote Armor (again awesome) troops or taking heavier weapon loadouts however.

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The Amazing Lemon Creme Puff Trolls!

I wanted to take a break today from showcasing my Journeyman project in order to showcase another local player’s.

It is my honor to present to you:  The Lemon Créme Puff Trolls!

My good friend Zac has taken a break from his Swans in order to focus on Trolls (and like me take a foray into the Hordes side of the house).  No lie, his trolls are probably in my Top 10 favorite paint schemes, and they look even better in person.

The Pyre Troll is my favorite.  Enjoy the Gallery!