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A wild Torekage appears!

Why, hello there!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Quite a lot has changed for me in the past almost year since I posted some of my original work, namely a son and recently a move to a new house.  But with that most recent change, something amazing happened!

I now have a game room! Pics of that to come once I get it all set up.  The last few weekends have been about putting together a gaming table and it’s almost there.  But that’s for an upcoming post, as I have some before pics and need the after.

This post is about all about Malifaux!

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Sigh…why do I do this to myself…

So I’ve had a change of heart since last we spoke…after playing some more games practicing my Menoth, I came to a realization.

I was burned out on Menoth.  I’ve been playing them for a few years straight now, minus the 6 or so months I broke off to play Rhyas last year.

So I’ve done an about face and will be playing Circle Orboros at Warmachine Weekend this year, eKaya and Kromac to be precise.  Yes, with only a month of practice.  I going to have fun not to take the whole thing, but hey, who knows?  Maybe I’m a Circle savant…

Updates to come…

Testament of Menoth WIP

It feels good to be back.

Welp, I think I may finally be giving up the ghost on Skorne.  I’ve already mused about how I don’t enjoy painting them, and since painting is arguably my favorite part of the hobby, I felt I should just stop fighting it.

Testament of Menoth wip
Testament of Menoth wip

So back to my Menites I go! First is a caster I’ve had on my desk primed for a long while.  He still has a lot of details to go, but the bulk is there.  I’m pretty happy with the quality of the paint job on him so far, which is something I feel lacking from of lot of my later crop of painted Menoth…may need to fix that soon…

What do you think?

[Journeyman 2014] Another Skorne WIP, this time a Bronzeback Titan

I tend to do a unit model and a warjack/beast concurrently when starting a new army.  Getting those two models done really drives the rest of the progress. So with the Praetorian featured earlier this week and the other warbeasts in my list being more “troublesome” for lack of a better word, that just leaves the Bronzeback.
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[Journeyman 2014] In which I learn that painting Skorne is also torture.

The time of this year’s Journeyman is almost here! Countdown one week from today!  Since we can have up to half of our list painted (about 27 points) before the start of the league, I figured it was time to get started on my death elves.

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Tohaa Sakiel WIP

Tohaa Sakiel WIP #1 Inside-out man!
Inside-out man!

I sure do jump around a lot when it comes to painting…

While struggling to contain my painting fatigue/ADD in the wake of our recent Journeyman and some commission work for  locals, I’ve been taken with Infinity as detailed in my last two posts.

Welp, last night I broke out another one of my Tohaa models, this time the Sakiel, and worked on him to about 60% completion.  Base colors are all there and his symbiote armor (awesome) is at least done.

I was making up the color scheme as I went along really, until about have way, I decided to do the “flesh on the outside” and bone scheme you see here.  I’m waiting for a new brush to come in so I can make attempts at wetblending some highlights on the armor plating and weapon, so for now, he’s going to be stuck in this state for at least a week or so…

Still not sure about the glowing bits (although as you can see, I’m leaning towards blue) or the base.  I originally planned on doing a green dirt base, but I may actually tap Secret Weapon pigments and use their Wet Earth kit instead.  I’ve been wanting to try out pigments for a bit anyway.

In related news, tonight is going to be our Infinity demo night, as with the Journeyman AND Nova Open finally behind us, burn out is quite high I think in our crew. Along with Infinity demos, I predict much BS-ing around and High Command being played.  On the plus side, it seems like a good number of our players are actually pretty excited about Infinity as well, even as at the same time, there are some talking about becoming MUCH more competitive WM players.  So far here’s the faction breakdown we have:

  • 1x Tohaa (me obviously)
  • 2x ALEPH
  • 2x Nomads
  • 1x Yu Jing
  • 1x Haqqislam
  • 1x Pan Oceania

Of course, I’ll let you know my thoughts here some time next week, after I’m gotten in some demo games and had time to digest them a bit!

[Slow Grow 2013] Custom Rhyas gets some paint!

Custom Rhyas, Everblight's Kunoichi.

My custom Rhyas conversion finally got some paint over the weekend in anticipation of the start of the Journeyman League games this Thursday.

She came out looking a lot more Strider-ish than originally anticipated (although I’d be lying if he wasn’t a source of inspiration).  I may even go back and paint her mask red to match the scarf…we’ll see.  A detail here and there are left, mostly with her scarf tail.  For some reason it’s a much darker red than the rest. Weird.

Related sidenote:  I’ve joined Lost Hemisphere’s Unloved Model Challenge 2013 as I feel Rhyas (and the Rearguard) qualify for it.  Here is my thread.  It contains much of what you see on my blog.  Here are the rules if you are interested.

[Slow Grow 2013] My custom Rhyas for the Rearguard

custom Rhyas WIP
custom Rhyas WIP

Just a quick post today.

I present my custom Rhyas conversion for my Rearguard!

I’d say I’m indifferent to the standard Rhyas sculpt.  I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it.  It’s boring.  Very.  It’s not very ninja-like (or even a proper way to hold your sword at the ready).  What I really wanted I guess is something like this. Or this.  Or even this.  You know…a proper ninja pose.

Enter custom figure.  I found an idea a while back (I wish I had saved the pic) that inspired this conversion, and I’m pretty happy with it.  It’s made from Legion parts so she still looks exactly as she should.  But I feel this captures more movement, as if she’s twirling her sword around and catching someone off-guard.  Like a ninja would.  And you all know how much I like a sense of movement in my miniatures.  If it’s a pose that would look good or be featured in a slow motion cut, I’m there.

Once the green stuff cures, this and the last batch of models and bases are getting primed and thus will end the prepwork for this Journeyman League.  It’s just going to be straight painting for the next month or so. Granted this may be the last [Slow Grow 2013] tagged post for a week or more because until the Swordsmen and UA are painted, their won’t be much interesting progress.

It should without question now, C & C welcome!

[Slow Grow 2013] Legion Swordsmen

Initial Test Model.
Initial Test Model.

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a witty post title.  I have failed you *seppuku*.

As my last post suggested, I’m beginning to work on my swordsmen interspersed between other model to try and soften the, what I guess can described as, monotony of painting a full sized twelve man unit.  I didn’t have a super clear picture in my head of how I wanted them to be painted, just that I wanted to have something in between my Shepard and my Warmongers.  The model you see above is the initial test model…

Click on for more up to date pics…

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[Slow Grow 2013] Slow, slow progress…

Legion Swordsmen WIP
You won’t slow me down this year!

Last night I finally got some more progress on painting my Legion.  Lately its been all prep work which is easily my least favorite part of the hobby.

I was able to prime Typhon (the most annoying model ever to assemble), some remaining Warspears and loose models, and the rest of my bases I picked up from Secret Weapon (more on those in a bit).

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