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Widowmaker Marksman – “You call that a gun?”

Widowmaker Marksman

With a rifle that most definitely prescribes to the whole Khadorean philosophy of “bigger is better”, I present the Widowmaker Marksman!

Ever since adding this guy to my Widowmakers, they have seemed to flourish in games! With Strakhov, Sentry, and Sniper, I’m doing about 6 DMG a turn.  That’s enough to shave off any entire column on a heavy warjack!  Plus with granting them “Swift Hunter”, they are equally harassing entire units of enemies.  Oh yeah…most definitely worth the two points.

But how was painting him?  As you may know I’ve been working on him alongside my Great Bears so…it’s taken awhile.  But while I thought he would be hard to paint and the Great Bears easy, in reality, it was quite the opposite.  This guy was a joy to paint! And despite a slight paint spill mishap when he was about 85% done, he still came out pretty good I think.

Then my sealer went and frosted him…I can’t catch a break with this guy…

If anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know.  Otherwise, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think!


Widowmakers – These bullets have names on them?!


I present to you the first unit I have ever painted: Khador Widowmakers!

Back when I started to amass models to play Warmachine, I wanted to start with a warjack as they were bigger and thus a little easier to paint.  I also wanted to paint a unit before I tackled a warcaster (in this case, Strakhov).  The Widowmakers fit the bill perfectly as they didn’t need to have anything put together and had just the right amount of details without going too crazy.  The one with an all silver rifle is the very first 30mm miniature I ever painted!

The idea with these guys was that they were in a forest, sniping and moving (Swift Hunter), while the Kapitan is high on a cliff, surveying the area for potential targets amongst the enemies below.

At first I hated them on the table.  But after a few games with them (and with a Marksman), they really began to shine and now see themselves into many of the lists I come up with (usually as my main/only ranged option).  Enjoy!

As always, feel free to leave any comments!

You can follow their progress in these posts: one, two, three, and this one.

Widowmaker Marksman (WIP)

Widowmaker Marksman!

The other model I’ve been working on side-by-side with the Great Bears.  This guy has really performed for me in the games I’ve used him in thus far, so I was eager to get him finished. Out of the four, he’s the most done. I noticed some grey flecks on the back of his coat that need to be dealt with and like all the rest of my models, he’s missing snow on the base (it’s coming I promise).  But this guy is 95% done.

I had a poll awhile back concerning what color to paint his jacket.  White ended being the winner with a big majority of the vote.  I’m happy with the way it came out.  I was worried it wouldn’t be enough to differentiate him from the others, but I think that there are enough details, and the emphasis on metallics, handle that job nicely.

I included some shots with the rest of the Widowmakers so you can see how his look blends in with theirs, yet you still can see he is someone important. If not for the fact that his gun is much bigger.



Help with my Widowmaker Marksmen!

What color?

I need some help with my Widowmaker Marksman.  I don’t know what color to paint his jacket/coat.  I’ve heavily leaning towards the white of my current Widowmakers, but as a solo and him being the tops of Widowmakers fluff-wise, I feel like I should do a different color. To differentiate him from the others?

What do you think?  Take my poll below!

Edit: So far, white is winning…

More Widowmakers (WIP)

Another test post from my phone, this time with a picture taken on it, and showing what I’ve been working on today, the Khador Widowmakers!

The leader sculpt is one of my favorite Khador sculpts and I thought it fitting for her to be standing over her enemies, surveying the landscape from up high, so she and the rest can then rain death to the Motherland’s enemies from a forest on a cliff’s edge.

I took this picture while I was waiting for some washes to dry. There is still much highlighting to do and a few more layers (that’s why they look yellowish). I just got my hands on the cork today so I’m waiting for the primer to completely dry for 24 hours before I paint it. They are all waiting for my snow flock to come in so I can finish completely basing then.


My first ever miniature unit. But before I get into that, I just wanted to show this picture below to give anyone not familiar with miniatures a sense of scale of these things:

Yup, that is a quarter.

Yup, that is a quarter. Thanks to my lovely fiancee for being my hand model by the way.

I know I was supposed to wait for the Slow Grow league to begin but I wanted to have at least one unit attempted before then (partly because I couldn’t wait to give it a try). Plus practice makes perfect right? And I am aiming to get a really nice looking force, not some standard 3 color playable mass.

Well, on to the first unit, a Khador Widowmaker.

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