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Hobby Tutorial: Quick and Cheap Homemade Wet Palette

I’ve been using a wet palette for a few years and I recommend them to anyone looking to get great results on their miniatures! Thin paints are key!

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Wet Palette 06

When I started taking miniature painting seriously, I asked the good painters I saw what their number one recommendation is for someone to improve their painting. Invariably they said, “Thin your paints!” This is because not only does this make the paints go on smoother than if you used them straight from the pot, it reduces the appearance of brush strokes, and most importantly it takes advantage of the translucent quality of the acrylic paints we use as miniature painters; briefly what this means is that if you properly thin your paint the layer beneath your top layer will show through some where the top layer is thinner, giving you a smother blending of layers.

The addition of that simple technique to my painting arsenal stepped up my painting game immensely, but the one issue I ran into with working with thinned paints is that, like all paints, they gradually…

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Cool Stuff: Wet Palettes – how to make one, how to do faces with one

What a title…

I found some great tutorials on Hand Cannon Online concerning wet palettes.  I recently bought the P3 wet palette (back in February actually) and I feel it has been a great boon to my painting.  Prior I was a straight from the pot painter and I feel like my paints were never thin enough.  I also felt I was making a mess doing this method.  Once I got my wet palette, all that went away.  I also feel like I am faster now with it too.

Since figuring out my wet palette, I feel I have cranked out the better models I have painted (Butcher, Zerkova, Nyss Hunters) and now the guys over at Hand Cannon have you covered on how to make your own and how to use it!

wet palettes
…size doesn’t matter…

A Beginner’s Guide to Wet Palettes – Build your own

The second link I have for you is concerning painting faces.  Arguably the hardest part of painting miniatures (ARRRRGGH EYES), this is an easy to follow guide sure to help out.  It sure beats my basecoat, wash and pray method I currently employ…

Looking good!
Looking good!

A Beginner’s Guide to Wet Palattes – Painting Faces