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Mage is ready to thrown down in the arena!

With the East Coast Rumble coming up this weekend, you’d think I spent my weekend prepping for it. WRONG.

As detailed in a post a bit ago, I’ve recently gotten into playing the board game Mage Wars. Mage Wars is technically a card game at it’s core, but leaving well enough alone is not how I roll. In Mage Wars, you’re able to completely customize your spell book and also your mage with different kinds of equipment.  What does that say to me right away?


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[Slow Grow 2013] Custom Rhyas gets some paint!

Custom Rhyas, Everblight's Kunoichi.

My custom Rhyas conversion finally got some paint over the weekend in anticipation of the start of the Journeyman League games this Thursday.

She came out looking a lot more Strider-ish than originally anticipated (although I’d be lying if he wasn’t a source of inspiration).  I may even go back and paint her mask red to match the scarf…we’ll see.  A detail here and there are left, mostly with her scarf tail.  For some reason it’s a much darker red than the rest. Weird.

Related sidenote:  I’ve joined Lost Hemisphere’s Unloved Model Challenge 2013 as I feel Rhyas (and the Rearguard) qualify for it.  Here is my thread.  It contains much of what you see on my blog.  Here are the rules if you are interested.

Giving the gift of lightning to my bro

pKrueger - Let there be lightning!
pKrueger – Let there be lightning!

This past Christmas I got my stepbro interested into playing WM/H and the faction that interested him was Circle Orboros.

Lucky me, Circle happens to be half of the Hordes 2-player box as we all know. Christmas gift achieved!  Something I wanted to do for him was paint up a warcaster for him, but between Templecon prep and other things, it fell by the wayside unfortunately.
I was finally able to this guy done for him, mimicking what little I remember from his scheme (we only started painting the Feral).  This thing is going in the mail today.

Little by little, the painting queue will clear…