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Super Dervish Bros!

Dervishes, Fire of Salvation, and Feora.
And who might that be in the back?

Today I bring you my Dervish twins.  Lately I guess a fire as been lit under me (pun firmly intended) when it comes to painting my Menoth army.  I think it comes from inputting them in forwardkommander.com’s collection manager and then promptly seeing that despite what it looks like on my shelf, I only have around 50% of my Menites painted.  This can not stand!

I will end 2013 with that around 85% at least.  There’s plenty of time left in the year for this to be possible, although this year’s Slow Grow/Journeyman may get in the way…hmm…actually make that at least 75%.

Anyway back to these guys…I painted both at once which is not something I do with warjacks due to the size of them and my wanting to see progress so I don’t get discouraged while painting them.  These two are slightly smaller than the average light warjack and quite a bit thinner (thus more nimble?) so painting them took next to no time and didn’t give me enough time to get bored because by the time I was growing weary of painting one color, it was done and time to move on.

I’ve only just started using then and I believe they work best in pairs in order to maximize your investment (even if they are only 4 points a piece).  I learned early on from Blood of Martys that sidestep on a jack can be straight money, which is what drew me to pick up these two.


Latest from the painting table…

Amon Mechanik Redeemer WIP
“Heretic, do you even lift?!”

I have been working on some commissions lately (Cygnar and Menoth battleboxes) and even have a collosal I’ve been commissioned on, but since I ran out of primer and am awaiting my new bottle, I decided to work on some of my own stuff for a change (ha!).  In about 3ish hours I think I managed to get a ton done last night!

I worked on my newest warcaster, Amon Ad-Raza, as well as the Redeemer and the Mechanik, which both factor into my Templecon Hardcore list.  Amon can be finished tonight in maybe an hour tops, he just needs some clean up here and there and his skirt needs to be finished.  The Mechanik is also pretty close, but have a lot of details I still need to do.  The Redeemer is at least 30% done, still needing a lot of metals, which is arguably the most annoying and time consuming part of warjacks if you ask me.

Amon will break you.
He will break you.

I still really need to work on my bare skin.  Faces I think I do pretty well, but bodies are a whole other story for me…I’m going to bring him with me to game night and enlist some advice from my fellow painters (nudge nudge Plarzoid).  Or if any of you readers out there have any tips for me, I’m all ears!  My process with Amon was to base with P3 Khardic Flesh, wash with P3 Flesh Wash, clean up a bit with Khardic Flesh again, highlight with P3 Midlund Flesh. My highlights are a bit more like edge highlights in technique, so I thing that may be a problem.  Also I think I should maybe do a mix of the two flesh colours are a midtone and then do my Midlund Flesh highlighting thing…


Reznik & the Reckoner: Bros 4 Life.

Always swingin' for the fences!
Always swingin’ for the fences!

Following on up my post yesterday featuring your favorite neighborhood executioner,  I did happen to have a Reckoner laying around!

Well, to be honest, he’d been laying around at about 50% complete for a few weeks.  I kept putting him off because I was in my Khador mentality where 4 jacks was more than I would ever need as only 2 typically saw the table at a time.  So units needed to be done!  But this is Menoth! The ‘jack faction if the forums are to be believed.  So what’s one more warjack eh?  The more the merrier right?

Tomorrow will be the first night this bad boy sees the table along with his homeboy Reznik.  Reznik really seems like he likes the Reckoner chassis warjacks, if only for the extra speed and reach on two of them in order to make the best use of the out of activation battlegroup moves and attacks.

My initial thoughts on the Reckoner itself however:  SPD5 heavy?! Whaaa?!  Reach? Assault? A DEF debuff? Only 8 points?! 

Having a innate SPD5 heavy will probably be the  biggest thing for me as up to this point, I’ve only had SPD4.  I know it’s only +1, but that makes a difference!  How much?  Not sure, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night.

More to come shortly: Daughters of the Flame! And part 2 of my thrilling Extreme eKreoss conversion!  Stay tuned!!

Kreoss & the battlegroup ready for the Journeyman League games to start!

Prepare to be judged.
“We’ve come to smash your face in. For Menoth, of course.”

The battlegroup is finally competed and properly based!  I’m really glad I decided to add grass, it adds a lot of character I think.

Not much to say really, other than I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED to start playing Protectorate of Menoth.  This paint job has really grown on me since my previous reservations and I’m sure it’ll look even better on the table.  Next Thursday can’t come soon enough.  May victory rain down upon me and maces and fire rain down upon my opponents.

Continue reading Kreoss & the battlegroup ready for the Journeyman League games to start!

When the internet goes on strike, a warjack get painted…

Khador Heavy (WIP)

I’m sure you were aware of the Internet black-out protest thing in regards to SOPA/PIPA yesterday.  WordPress participated and so did this site, seeing how I (and many blogs in general) I link to copyrighted material all the time.

But this site is about miniatures not about some high horse, so let’s talk miniatures!  With a lot of my distractions gone yesterday (lovely!), I finally got some work done on the other Khador Heavy Omni-jack that’s been sitting in pieces waiting for paint and glue.  Seriously, it irks me seeing my miniatures in pieces laying about. I’d much rather have them assembled so I can display and use them! And just like that…MOTIVATION FOUND!

This guy is about 75% done I’d say.  All that is left is detail work, you know, picking out rivets (so many rivets), the spikes, some detailing on his exhaust pipes (think I’m going to try what I did on my MoW test models exhaust pipe again), that sort of stuff.  One night’s work left probably. I’m also thinking of attempting freehand again, but I’m not sure what to name this guy…Anyone have any ideas of a good Khadoran name for a warjack?

Overall, I’m very happy with the way his scheme came together.  Much better than the original omni-jack.  This guy is being based off of the color layout of Torch.  I’ll have some comparison shots of the two omni-jacks in the final post of this guy.  Now his arms are a different story.  I have a pair of each kind of Khador heavy armament to paint.

Hopefully to give this guy a try with a three ‘jack pVlad game tonight!

And now for something a little different…Repenter WIP

Menoth Repenter Light Warjack (WIP)
Menoth Repenter Light Warjack (WIP)

Waitaminute?!  What be dis?!

I put my Khador aside for a moment so I could take a stab at my Menoth stuff.  All the white was starting to drive me a little crazy…

Ever since I prepped and primed all my models a couple of weeks back, I’ve been chomping at the bit to try out the scheme I had in my head for the Menites.  So I’ll have predominate white Khaodr and predominate black Menoth.  This model also represents a couple other firsts for me beside being my first Menoth figure.  It’s my first light warjack, my first time using black primer (I had been using white for my Khador go figure), and my first time using a palette.   So far, one of the top critiques I’ve gotten is that my paints looks thick, so I am hoping with the use of this palette and trying to officially water down my paints, I can alleviate that.

He still has a ways to go (you can see all the blue tac), but I hope to enter this guy in Lost Hemisphere’s December Paint the Target (target is non-humans) and Vox Populi.  I still have more coats of gold to do and the jewels will end up being blue, which should be a nice contrast to all the dark colors.

Menoth light warjack Repenter
Menoth light warjack Repenter (WIP) from the back. Sorry the pictures aren't the best...

It was also my first with trying drybrushing.  I really don’t have that down.  I wanted to do it for the bases because all of the Menites are going to have a simple desert base.  I am really not happy with it.  It any of you have any pointers in that area, please let me know.  Here is what I did:

I used Elmer’s glue and some dirt/gravel and then primed with Krylon black primer.  Then I used P3 paints.  I base coated with Bloodstone and then (attempted) to drybrush Menoth base over it.  I think maybe I still had a lot on paint on the brush, but I had brushed it all off on a paper towel until it didn’t have much on it.

desert base attempt...
Desert base attempt...Bloodstone >> drybrush Menoth base

Torch! Burninating all the peoples!

Torch gon give it to ya!

It’s pretty safe to say that I’m proud of my Torch.   I really took my time on this guy to make sure he came out as good and clean as possible, since to me, he is by far the coolest looking warjack in Warmachine currently.

Strakhov battlegroup
BFFs fo lyfe.

The other two heavy warjacks I have magnetized for flexibility and pretty standard bases, but for the character ‘jacks (Torch and Beast-09) I decided to just go ahead and give them static poses and more elaborate bases.  In this case, I set up Torch to mimic Kommander Strakhov’s pose, seeing as how he is his personal warjack.  I then decided to take it one step further and have Torch completely mimic Strakhov’s color scheme.  It came out awesome and may approximate the scheme on my remaining warjacks (Beast-09 will be mimicking Sorscha, I do know that), but we’ll see.

Torch is pretty much auto-include in my lists nowadays and he never fails to perform on the table.  Enjoy the pictures! (Sidenote: In the coming week(s), even more completed posts are coming! Stay tuned!) Thoughts, comments, suggestions?  I’m open to them!

You can track Torch’s progress in these posts: one, two, three, and this one as the final.

His entry on CoolMiniOrNot. (where he is currently my most highly rated model!)


A touch of progress…

Due to being in Bahston the last few days, I’ve fallen behind in my painting (was I ever really ahead?). Last night was my first free night so I decided to finish up my wardog and begin on Torch, my second warjack.

On Torch I’m trying something a little different. I’m going to paint him in pieces and then put him together. I’m also following the painting order I learned from handcannononline and starting with the metallics first. What you see in the pics below is the start of gold on Torch and the rest of my crew that is waiting for Torch to be finished so that they can get some snow on their bases and be finished.

It’s safe to say I’m way behind in my league. I’m still finishing up my 15 points when we are on the second week of 25 points…next up is Man-o-war Shocktroopers and Iron Fang Pikemen for my 25 point game on Thursday. Ouch and not going to happen.

Now excuse me while I rant a bit. I have a variety of paints from different paint lines. I do not like GW paints (the washes are great however). The gold I have from GW is just terrible coverage-wise. I much prefer the P3 or Reaper lines (and they aren’t paying me to say that). I know there are many that would disagree with me and I know GW is the name when it comes to miniatures but my gold is really frustrating me. Hopefully it’s just this pot?

Oh and also big news before I forget! One of Privateer Press’ studio painters is go to be holding a workshop in March and I got in! Can’t wait 🙂

This blog post was done entirely from my phone. WP7 is so awesome (they also aren’t paying me to say that).

What’s next on the chopping block?

Butcher could still kill you with no arms.

See what I did there? Chopping block…picture of the Butcher…ehhh, you don’t know funny.

This is just a preview of sorts of what I’m working on.  Butcher was just an exercise in trying a new basing technique, the “junk pile”.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and the massive headache it was not, so I’ll be doing this one more often for my minis.  I think it gives it that “oomph,” you know what I mean? That extra little bit to make it look better.

The slow grow’s 15 point weeks are winding down and I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of painting. It’s safe to say I’m pretty behind in this league due to the delay in getting my stuff.  But oh well, I like playing with painted models and I’ll be glad to be able to quit proxying or subbing plain base discs as my models.

Next up is the Wardog and another warjack, this time Torch. The other warjack that I got in the 2 player box is going to get the magnetized treatment, while Torch and Beast 09 will not be. I think two “omni” ‘jacks should be enough, plus I have some cool pose ideas for the character ‘jacks.