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Vlad, the Dark Knight cometh!

The Feat of Service event is coming up soon, and I’ve been tapped to paint a model donated by Fairfax Comics & Gaming for the silent auction.

That model is Vlad3.

Vlad has been know as the Dark Prince, the Dark Champion, and then his cavalry version went and mucked things up by naming him The Great Prince of Umbrey. Couldn’t even make him the Great Dark Prince of Umbrey or the Dark Horselord or something.

I’m fixing that folks. Well…in color scheme anyway…

vlad3 wip
“This isn’t my horse…”

He’s still in the very early stages, but the armor idea is pretty much there.  He has a very dark plate, but there are little twinges of Sanguine and blue that don’t quite come across that well in these pics, but has a very chroma-shift type effect in person.  I also tried to give the armor a very hammered look and texture rather than the typical slick colored inlays of the studio model.  You know, something really befitting of an ancient suit of armor.

You can see the color twinges a bit better in this pic...
You can see the color twinges a bit better in this pic…

This Saturday is the going to be the day I try and knock him out so that I can make sure that he’ll be ready in time for Feat of Service. Stay tuned and don’t forget to get your donations in, you can win some really cool stuff (and bid on this Vlad-fully painted of course)!



Creating a Custom Caster for Feat of Service!

Come June 7th, our club is going to have its first annual Feat of Service custom caster/spell draft charity event, all to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

You can check out the full rules and what not for the event here, but the coordinator of the event asked a couple of us bloggers to write about our drafting experience and thought process while coming up with the caster we’d be fielding.

I’m one to play things more “in the spirit of” the events, so this isn’t going to be an exercise in how I can game the system to produce the most ball-breaking, busted, broken caster possible.   That’s not really fun to me (or opponents I’m sure).

Let’s see what I came up with!

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Testament of Menoth WIP

It feels good to be back.

Welp, I think I may finally be giving up the ghost on Skorne.  I’ve already mused about how I don’t enjoy painting them, and since painting is arguably my favorite part of the hobby, I felt I should just stop fighting it.

Testament of Menoth wip
Testament of Menoth wip

So back to my Menites I go! First is a caster I’ve had on my desk primed for a long while.  He still has a lot of details to go, but the bulk is there.  I’m pretty happy with the quality of the paint job on him so far, which is something I feel lacking from of lot of my later crop of painted Menoth…may need to fix that soon…

What do you think?

(CONFIRMED) eReznik spoilers


  • FOC 7, DEF 13, ARM 17
  • MAT 7, P+S 13 w/ Reach & Flame Burst
  • Huge Base, Cavalry rules


  • Terror
  • Takedown
  • Lamentations of the Suffering (non-Magical ranged attacks automatically miss when he is camping a focus)


  • Death March
  • Iron Aggression
  • Creator’s Wrath
  • Lamentation
  • Flesh is Weak (RNG 8 POW 12 AOE 4 Models hit cannot Run or charge?)

Enemy Models in CTRL suffer -2DEF.
When an enemy model in CTRL is boxed by a ranged or melee attack, RFP that model. Place a 4″ AoE on the model boxed and every enemy model under the template takes a POW12 fire damage roll.

Kneejerk Thoughts:

Very good actually.  His feat is amazing. Tons of upkeeps (two of which are SELF), so watch out for Purification, although Lamentation can out right stop that.  With all the RFP he brings, he’ll be an easy one to drop on certain match-ups. Death March is an amazing spell anyway and is even more amazing in Protectorate.  I’ve already got a couple of list ideas brewing in the noggin.

pFeora is almost ready to set the table tops on fi-yaaaaaaaa!

Got 99 problems, but a heretic ain't one.
Got 99 problems, but a heretic ain’t one.

Finally worked on a new warcaster.

With Templecon now over, I’m really looking forward to playing other casters that aren’t pKreoss or pSev.  I think for the rest of the year, I’m going to focus on other casters like Vindictus, Thyra, and basically any of the casters I haven’t often played because I was too worried about getting good with the ‘competitive’ casters.

I picked up pFeora at Templecon using the Iron Arena points I won, and once I sat down to actually paint her, it went by incredibly quickly. In her official picture online, there was something about the model I didn’t really like so she never jumped out at me, but having it in person completely changes my mind.  I think she’s awesome looking! She has a size and physical presence I think is perfect for a warcaster.

I really enjoy painting these ‘one-off’ models like warcasters and they always seem to come out as some of my best and also relatively quickly for me.

I haven’t used her on the table yet so I have no real sage wisdom to offer on that front. Yet…

Also as a bonus, here’s a shot I found on the Templecon website that someone snagged of my Vanquisher.  I didn’t know where else to put it.


Latest from the painting table…

Amon Mechanik Redeemer WIP
“Heretic, do you even lift?!”

I have been working on some commissions lately (Cygnar and Menoth battleboxes) and even have a collosal I’ve been commissioned on, but since I ran out of primer and am awaiting my new bottle, I decided to work on some of my own stuff for a change (ha!).  In about 3ish hours I think I managed to get a ton done last night!

I worked on my newest warcaster, Amon Ad-Raza, as well as the Redeemer and the Mechanik, which both factor into my Templecon Hardcore list.  Amon can be finished tonight in maybe an hour tops, he just needs some clean up here and there and his skirt needs to be finished.  The Mechanik is also pretty close, but have a lot of details I still need to do.  The Redeemer is at least 30% done, still needing a lot of metals, which is arguably the most annoying and time consuming part of warjacks if you ask me.

Amon will break you.
He will break you.

I still really need to work on my bare skin.  Faces I think I do pretty well, but bodies are a whole other story for me…I’m going to bring him with me to game night and enlist some advice from my fellow painters (nudge nudge Plarzoid).  Or if any of you readers out there have any tips for me, I’m all ears!  My process with Amon was to base with P3 Khardic Flesh, wash with P3 Flesh Wash, clean up a bit with Khardic Flesh again, highlight with P3 Midlund Flesh. My highlights are a bit more like edge highlights in technique, so I thing that may be a problem.  Also I think I should maybe do a mix of the two flesh colours are a midtone and then do my Midlund Flesh highlighting thing…


Praise be to him! And Journeyman League Painting Table update…

pSeverius! Ready to convert some heathens!
pSeverius! Ready to convert some heathens!

The Journeyman League is still in full swing and the Nova Open is happening in a week, plus I have a race this Saturday, so sorry I’ve been lax with the updates and pics.

I have Harbinger, a full unit of Vengers, Gravus, eKreoss, 10 Errants + UA, and a unit of Knights Exemplar on the table currently.  Yeesh.  By my schedule, starting tomorrow I have about 6 days to work on it all.  So yeah, that isn’t happening.  I am hoping to get the Errants and Harbinger at least done by the Open which seems more do able if I can knock out 2 Errants a day.  After the open, there’ll be one more week of the Journeyman, so I really want to get the Vengers done and on the game table by then as that would be 15 hobby points for me, a pretty sizable chunk that might push me over the edge for second place…Yes, I’m playing for second place.  We have a player that has already painted more Skorne than the amount of Menoth I own.  I think his Hobby score is equal to the next person’s total score.

In the mean time, I did manage to finish the old man himself, Grand Scrutator Severius.  He’s more of a spell slinger than I usually play, but I welcome the change in pace.  Plus Ashes to Ashes and Eye of Menoth are awesome spells.  I never thought I would see the day that MAT7 missed some much until I started playing Menoth.  When I was playing Khador, MAT7 was like ‘elite’, the stuff of Characters.  When I was looking at my Menoth cards, I was like “wait a minute…the normal troopers are MAT7!? BROKEN!!1!”  MAT8 Exemplar is going to be gravy however.  Plus 8 Focus seems like a lot, so it might feel like how I felt when I played my first FOC7 caster from FOC6 and felt like I had focus to burn for days.  He’ll be going on the table tonight for sure, along with a lot of other stuff I’ve painted but haven’t played yet.

Vindictus, Reznik, and eFeora!

Always with a retinue of warjacks to escort her.

Last weekend I went to Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn to play some non-competitive, easy going games.  I don’t usually go to this store and I now know why.  It’s crazy far from me.  Oh well, some of my group regulars were there that day, just shooting the breeze, painting and playing.  Some practicing for the upcoming Nova Open.

Anyway, Kevin managed to take some awesome pictures of my warcasters that I brought along.  These pics came out better than what my camera will ever take.  Enjoy!

“I’m the best at what I do. And what I do ain’t pretty.”

The night before I had just pretty much finished Vindictus minus a few details and basing.  I think he’ll be seeing a lot more tabletop from me.

I really love the Vindictus model and playstyle. He’s based now.

Epic Feora is ready to light my fire!

Burn baby burn!
Burn baby burn!

My second warcaster for the Protectorate is ready to get it hot and heavy in here! With each new model I am starting to really like this scheme more and more!

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more insightful to say about her, but the fact of the matter is that I haven’t used her yet, so really don’t know what she’s about.  She seems to be geared more to the warjack side of things, with things like her feat and Escort.

Yo, shit's on fire.
Yo, shit’s on fire.

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I don’t wanna work, I just want to swing my giant axe all day!

pButcher AKA da Man.
You can almost here him whistle while he works…

This is a little late in coming, but I’m working on getting all my completed models photographed and posted.  Today we have Mr. Orsus AKA The Butcher.  I’ve already mused about the man and the model before.  None of that has changed.  In fact, with each game I think I like him more.  And I think this is one of the best models I’ve ever done!

I don't wanna work, I just want to swing my giant axe all day!
I don’t wanna work, I just want to swing my giant axe all day!

This one made it to April’s Paint the Target over at Lost Hemisphere and here’s what G’Day had to say about it:

VoltRon kicks down the door with Butcher wearing possibly the cleanest armor he’s ever seen fit to don. Stormtrooper inspired? I love the high contrast between the white and the blacks and oranges.