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How to Play Warmachine Tutorial Video

Privateer Press is really embracing this whole internet fad thing and put out what is the definitive “How to Play Warmachine” video.

I’m sure they’ll do one for Hordes soon.

Here’s also my beginner’s guide: So you want to play Warmachine?


Warmachine: Tactics for PC & Mac announced!

So that long awaited Warmachine video game?  Yeah it’s no longer a 3rd person action title (that reminded me a bit of Destiny Warriors), but a strategy game seemingly more akin to the actual table top game.

And surprise, surprise they’re going to Kickstarter for the funding.  I am willing to bet they have no problems surpassing their goal in less than 12 hours.

While rampant speculation isn’t really my thing (I’ll leave that to the forums), I’m cautiously optimistic about the project.

Check out the Press Release here and Matt Wilson’s Insider here for more info.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer!

Cool Stuff: Sweet Video Tutorials by SchnauzerFace!

SchnauzerFace‘s awesome paint work is now availible in an easy to digest video tutorial form!

I’m a big fan of SchnauzerFace’s work, who’s also very active on the Privateer Press Forums.  I think he mentioned that he’s new to miniature painting somewhere, but you’d really never know that by looking at his stuff. I mean, just look at his Trollbloods War Wagon!

You can find more on his channel here, and be sure to subscribe, like, love, tweet, and whatever other things it is that people do with Youtube videos. I know I’m looking forward to more.

He’s just keeps pushing me towards getting an airbrush…