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Last progress pic before Templecon 2013

Better pics to come after the Templecon madness…


Here’s one last progress post before Templecon. I have until Wednesday to finish my Hardcore list and it is finally almost there.

Tonight I was able to get all the basing done and flocked. Judicator is done, and the Vessel just needs some minor cleanup and touch ups (partly due to a glue mishap). The Errants are the last bit and they are actually almost done. Some shoulder pads need to be finished and glued on, and the standard bearer is suffering big time from neglect.

With just two more nights to get it all done, I’m feeling confident that I’ll make it..I’d never thought I’d be this close for some reason…

Whole lotta drybrushing going on…

Cleaning up all this is going to be fun...
Cleaning up all this is going to be fun…

Templecon is 9 days away so sayeth the countdown, and work continues on. Life got in the way this weekend so I haven’t got nearly want I wanted down, but meh. I should still have my Hardcore list painted up, which is the big deal.

I finally started on the battle engine, the Vessel of Judgment. All that filigree gave me pause, but I finally figured, “What the hell?” and just dived right in. I figured the best (and fastest) approach would be to just drybrush my metals on and do the clean up later.

So far I have the golds on with a bit of the silvers started. Let’s see how this turns out…

The Errants you can see behind it, are moving right along. I try to fit them in whenever I get bored of the huge based models I’m working on.

Everyday I’m Shufflin’, Shufflin’! A Painting Table Update.

The painting table is never empty. A situation I’m sure many a wargamer is familiar with.

In my case, my table runneth over with models that need paint. I thought I’d share some of the projects I have going on and talk a little about where they’re heading, how they’re going, etc.  I never seem to stay on one project or model long, as I tend to shuffle between many at a time.  It prolongs the insanity, but at least I change up so often I don’t get bored!

Let’s start with the big mac daddy at the moment….the Menoth Battle Engine: The Vessel of Judgement!

vessel of judgement WIP
Vessel of Judgement WIP. Wobbly picture is wobbly.

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