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[Infinity] 300pt YAMS Tournament

This past weekend I attended another tournament with Certs and his crew at Victory Comics. The event was the same as last time (300pt YAMS, Draw 6: Keep 2,  Share 2, Discard 2), and I also kept my list the same as last time:

Team Tohaa @ 300pts
Team Tohaa @ 300pts

I forgot to take pics, but luckily Certs didn’t! Check out his After Action Report on his site here.

Here’s some quick thoughts on my games…

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[Infinity] Tohaa’s First Tournament

I’ve been on an Infinity kick as of recently.  Unfortunately getting a game in is hard when I already have my Wednesday nights devoted to Warmachine and the guys meet for Infinity on Thursdays. It’s hard to squeeze in both and be out two nights a week (technically it’d make it four nights as Tuesdays are Trivia night and Fridays are currently Game of Thrones night, but I digress).

So when Certs announced a tournament in May and I saw that there were going to also be two other new players, I jumped in. Mostly as a way to at least get a couple of games in.

The event was a 300pt, 1 list, YAMS format “Draw 6, Share 2, Keep 2”.  Having only played a handful of Infinity games, I marched on with my models in hand to give out some free wins to the other attendees.

My only hope that I at least semi-make my opponents work for it…

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Foodmachine 2013!

Rhyas & the Rearguard @ foodmachine 2014
Rhyas & the Rearguard @ foodmachine 2014

This past Saturday was our annual Foodmachine tournament, hosted by local PG Plarzoid.

This also saw my (triumphant?) return to Warmachine after 2+ months out of the game.  I decided to bring my Rhyas Rearguard list because 1) it is 100% painted and 2) it is hella fun to play.  Unfortunately this year, possibly due to a change in date or maybe other things going on, turnout was much lower than last year.  Thus we only had a two round event. Still good times though, and awesome prize support as well!

Regardless, here’s how I did PLUS a gallery!

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Road to Templecon 2013: Getting my Hardcore list ready…

templacon 2013 logo
Couldn’t find a better pic…

I’m going to Templecon 2013!

Last year I didn’t go because I was just getting into the game and didn’t even have 35 points yet, plus what I did have was barely put together or painted.  Oh what a difference a year makes…I think this hobby has actually fully bloomed into an addiction, but I digress…

Back to Templecon!  I’ve signed up for the Hardcore, and two of the midnight madness style events.  Sadly, Blood, Sweat, and Tiers (an event I really enjoy) was full 😦  I’m also still looking for a third for the team tournament.

But this post is going to focus on a bit of theorymachine and my plans for the Hardcore tourney, which is an event I’ve never actually taken part in.  I’ve never had a fully painted viable 50 point army yet (although I could field a fully painted 50 point list), so that is the first challenge.  The next challenge is actually myself.  I’ve recently been trying to shed my “whatevs” attitude towards playing and gaining a more competitive edge.  So far my average tournament record is 1-3.  I aim to change this.

But how?

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I played in my first ever Tournament! So, how’d I do?

Strakhov 25 point tournament list (missing Sylys in the pic)
Strakhov 25 point tournament list (missing Sylys in the pic)

Saturday I played in my first tournament and it was a blast! It was also my first time playing with clocks and timed turns were a bit unnerving.  Still an amazing time was had and it was a superb way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

But enough of my gushing, let’s get to the nitty gritty.  How’d I do?  Who’d I go up against? What did I run and why?

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