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Torch! Burninating all the peoples!

Torch gon give it to ya!

It’s pretty safe to say that I’m proud of my Torch.   I really took my time on this guy to make sure he came out as good and clean as possible, since to me, he is by far the coolest looking warjack in Warmachine currently.

Strakhov battlegroup
BFFs fo lyfe.

The other two heavy warjacks I have magnetized for flexibility and pretty standard bases, but for the character ‘jacks (Torch and Beast-09) I decided to just go ahead and give them static poses and more elaborate bases.  In this case, I set up Torch to mimic Kommander Strakhov’s pose, seeing as how he is his personal warjack.  I then decided to take it one step further and have Torch completely mimic Strakhov’s color scheme.  It came out awesome and may approximate the scheme on my remaining warjacks (Beast-09 will be mimicking Sorscha, I do know that), but we’ll see.

Torch is pretty much auto-include in my lists nowadays and he never fails to perform on the table.  Enjoy the pictures! (Sidenote: In the coming week(s), even more completed posts are coming! Stay tuned!) Thoughts, comments, suggestions?  I’m open to them!

You can track Torch’s progress in these posts: one, two, three, and this one as the final.

His entry on CoolMiniOrNot. (where he is currently my most highly rated model!)


The start of something Great…

Today I had some time so I got to work on a project that I have really been putting off for far too long, a carrying case. But not just any case, no sir. A cheap, DIY one. Things were barreling along, until I realized after some tests, that nothing I had to cut the foam with cut quite like I wanted or as easy as I wanted. So again, it must be put off. But keep an eye out for a tutorial on how you too, can make a carrying case for your minis for under $25. It won’t win any beauty pageants, but if my calculations are correct, it’ll shuttle about 50-70 models around comfortably and without fear of damage. Hopefully I’ll have it done no later than the weekend because with 35 point games…well, you know…

So needing to feel like I accomplished something tonight, I started on a personal fave unit of mine in Khador, the Great Bears of Gallowswood. I was able to but a base coat of most of the colors on one of them (I’m going to do them one at a time). Also I was able to get Torch glued together.

Torch and Strakhov (Torch, Day 2-3 WIP)

Torch & Strakhov (WIP)

Finally had a lazy day today so I worked on some miniatures.  With the weather being as gorgeous as it was, I took the time to prepare, base, and prime some of my other models (Great Bears, Marksmen, MoW, etc), but that’s for another post.  The point of this one is to show you the progress I made on Torch!  At the moment, if you can’t tell he’s held together with blue tack, but this was just for me to get an idea of how the pose would play out, how close to Strakhov’s scheme he was,  and if it would look like I’ve had in my head this whole time.

Torch & Strakhov 2 WIP

The idea was since Torch is Kommander Strakhov’s personal warjack, that his had such an affinity with him that they were one.  I tried to get Torch to not just mimic Strakhov’s pose, but also his color scheme as well.

Strakhov & Torch 3

He still needs some cleaning up and final little details on himself and on his base.  What do you think?  I was super cautious (and slow :/) with him because I wanted him to come out really well.

Strakhov Battlegroup
...and a pic of the battlegroup.

A touch of progress…

Due to being in Bahston the last few days, I’ve fallen behind in my painting (was I ever really ahead?). Last night was my first free night so I decided to finish up my wardog and begin on Torch, my second warjack.

On Torch I’m trying something a little different. I’m going to paint him in pieces and then put him together. I’m also following the painting order I learned from handcannononline and starting with the metallics first. What you see in the pics below is the start of gold on Torch and the rest of my crew that is waiting for Torch to be finished so that they can get some snow on their bases and be finished.

It’s safe to say I’m way behind in my league. I’m still finishing up my 15 points when we are on the second week of 25 points…next up is Man-o-war Shocktroopers and Iron Fang Pikemen for my 25 point game on Thursday. Ouch and not going to happen.

Now excuse me while I rant a bit. I have a variety of paints from different paint lines. I do not like GW paints (the washes are great however). The gold I have from GW is just terrible coverage-wise. I much prefer the P3 or Reaper lines (and they aren’t paying me to say that). I know there are many that would disagree with me and I know GW is the name when it comes to miniatures but my gold is really frustrating me. Hopefully it’s just this pot?

Oh and also big news before I forget! One of Privateer Press’ studio painters is go to be holding a workshop in March and I got in! Can’t wait 🙂

This blog post was done entirely from my phone. WP7 is so awesome (they also aren’t paying me to say that).

Wardog and Torch, day 1. Very much WIP.

Today I had to get surgery in my mouth so it kind of put a damper on how much I could get done. I started to feel better at night, so I did a little work on one of my wardogs and got started on the base for Torch. What you see are my poor attempts at green stuff flames. Hopefully they look better once everything is painted.

I also included Strakhov in the pic as he is now based and ready for his final snow covering (as are the Widowmakers). I’m waiting until I have Torch and the wardog done before I do that, that way I can knock them all out in one batch.