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[Infinity] Getting ready for N3

EDIT: Weird, no idea why this one published all of the sudden on 3/9? It’s from 11/18…oh well…

As alluded to in one of my latest posts, next year I was planning to (in addition to learning fatherhood) start playing more Infinity. Especially with 3rd edition coming out and seemingly fixing a lot of the quibbles I currently have.

Weeelp…I’m one step closer to that.  I went ahead and pre-ordered the N3 rulebook.

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[Infinity] 300pt YAMS Tournament

This past weekend I attended another tournament with Certs and his crew at Victory Comics. The event was the same as last time (300pt YAMS, Draw 6: Keep 2,  Share 2, Discard 2), and I also kept my list the same as last time:

Team Tohaa @ 300pts
Team Tohaa @ 300pts

I forgot to take pics, but luckily Certs didn’t! Check out his After Action Report on his site here.

Here’s some quick thoughts on my games…

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[Infinity] Tohaa’s First Tournament

I’ve been on an Infinity kick as of recently.  Unfortunately getting a game in is hard when I already have my Wednesday nights devoted to Warmachine and the guys meet for Infinity on Thursdays. It’s hard to squeeze in both and be out two nights a week (technically it’d make it four nights as Tuesdays are Trivia night and Fridays are currently Game of Thrones night, but I digress).

So when Certs announced a tournament in May and I saw that there were going to also be two other new players, I jumped in. Mostly as a way to at least get a couple of games in.

The event was a 300pt, 1 list, YAMS format “Draw 6, Share 2, Keep 2”.  Having only played a handful of Infinity games, I marched on with my models in hand to give out some free wins to the other attendees.

My only hope that I at least semi-make my opponents work for it…

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[Infinity] Tohaa Gorgos Inbound!

Tohaa Gorgos
Prepare for Gorgosfall!

Finally got around to painting the Tohaa Gorgos. I haven’t been playing any Infinity but right now he and his bro were the only Tohaa models I have that were unpainted so, now it’s just his little Chaksa bro (seen in black above).

I love this model. He was a joy to put together (all Infinity models have been to be honest with you) and to paint. I can’t wait to get him on the table one day soon.

Now to just get Aelis Keesan, the Support Group, and maybe a Gao-Tarsos and my Tohaa collection will be complete.

He basically a hulked-out Ectros.  And I'm so cool with that.
He basically a hulked-out Ectros. And I’m so cool with that.

I’m also hoping with the news of Infinity 3rd edition coming up later this year, that maybe I’ll be able to get some locals involved in a small campaign or something after the Nova Open when much of the group is typically struggling with WM/H burnout. A lot of them bought models after last Nova Open, but I don’t think a bunch of said models have even been assembled yet!

[Infinity] Initial thoughts on Tohaa & Completed Army Pics!

I went with Tohaa as my first (and quite possibly only) Infinity force. Aesthetically, they hit all the right buttons. I haven’t come across a model I don’t like yet, which is a rarity as even though I love my Menoth, there are still models I don’t really care for in that regard (same goes for every faction in WM/H actually). So A+ there.

Tohaa Army
Aw yiss.

Playstyle-wise, so far the Tohaa seem a bit horde-ish to me as many lists I build have more than 10 models (conversely, the Haqqislam list I was initially going with was just 8 models if I remember correctly). You can make lists with less by using more Symbiote Armor (again awesome) troops or taking heavier weapon loadouts however.

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New Year, New Look, New Games

I’m starting the new year early I guess…

tohaa phase 1
“Get those things!”

For the past 2 or so years, Mini Army, Huge Time Sink has had the same look and feel.  It’s served it’s purpose well and has (in my opinion) looked cleaned and well organized.

For 2014, I wanted to do something a little different.  Since I’m expanding my gaming palette to include Infinity and Malifaux in addition to the usual Warmachine/Hordes offerings, I figured why not change up the site too?  Part of what spurred this came from a friend’s comment.  He said he came to my site for pictures, and went to others for the text. That really rang true when I thought about the type of content I typically posted on here.  I’m not the most verbose blogger, but I do like to include tons of high-res images.  So this new look basically shifts the focus to those.  I’ve always been more of a shower, rather than a teller anyway. Let me know what you think of the new look in the comments.  You can help decide if it stays or goes.

Tohaa kamael brings it.

Speaking of new things, work continues on my Tohaa.  I near the homestretch in getting them 100% painted with just five models left and they are all about 50% there.  Then I’ll pick up the Gorgos, Ectros and Gao-Tarsos with HMGs when they are released and we’ll start this exercise all over again…sigh…Such is the way of tabletop war games I guess…

And one final share…I finally had my first taste of Malifaux.  Last games night, local Zac (go and check out his webcomic!) quickly showed myself and another local how to play the basics.   I can definitely say it’s way different from Infinity or Warmachine/Hordes.  I kinda like the card mechanic and with the new move to plastic the models are starting to grow on me (which is huge, because I used to HATE them).

Ten Thunders - Bringin' da Thunda.
Bringin’ da Thunda.

These guys are what comes in The Thunder starter box and I added Yamizuko to it to bring me up to the 50ss level.  Unfortunately, at this moment, Ten Thunders doesn’t really have a lot of models to choose from any way, but I’m sure with a little patience, I’ll find some mode that I like. I also didn’t get much of a feel for the force yet, but again, I was more focused on getting the mechanics of the game down. Another week of so, depending on all the holiday festivities, and these will be done as all that’s left is a bit of highlighting and small details.  They were an exercise in speed-painting and they actually didn’t come out all that bad.  really could have took more care with the mold lines though…

[Infinity] Initial Thoughts on the Game

150pt infinity game
“Red Leader. Lead the way”

Now that I have a semi-decent grasp on the basic rules and gameflow, I feel I can make this post.

As you can tell, I’ve been taken with Infinity as of late. Even more so now that some of our locals have also picked up armies. And from what I hear, there is actually a pretty big Infinity meta already here in NoVA, I just haven’t been paying attention I guess.

Showdown at the dock town.
Showdown at the dock town.

Here are some thoughts on the game so far..

…A wall of text is incoming…

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