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Initial thoughts on eXerxis

Today I have a guest post from our local competitively minded player.  Following all the Warlock spoilers from Exigence yesterday, local Danny who has a Skorne army commissioned by Jolly Roger Studios, shares his thoughts on eXerxis.

Take it away!

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Gearing up for the East Coast Rumble!

A crew of our locals are hitting the road in the a couple weeks!

We’re heading to the East Coast Rumble in New Jersey, this April 11-13!  A lot of the New Jersey guys come down to the Nova Open so it’s high time we paid them back by heading to their shindig.

Here’s a listing of the events. What events do I plan to compete in?  What lists am I bringing?  Why can’t adults see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

All those questions, except the last one, is answered after the jump!

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The 2013 NF2L Season is upon us!

I’m not sure if you remember my Snowmen from last year and their abysmal season (save for their season opener), but it’s time for the 2013 season of the NF2L league that our gaming group does.  This year saw a ton of changes, including a caster draft (the results of which are below), a much shorter “season”, and more restrictions on lists.  Also it somehow worked out that this year that everyone would be playing a Warmachine faction…

This year I’ll be going with Menoth and my team name is The Torch Bearers (logo pending)…

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