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Didn’t watch the 2014 Privateer Press keynote? Here’s the highlights!

Didn’t catch the 2014 keynote at Templecon?  Don’t have time or weren’t about to watch the video?  I got you covered brahs.

Read on!

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Templecon 2013 & Me. [Plus a Pic Dump!]

My first Templecon has come and gone and I gotta say it was a real good time. A whole group of the NoVA Nomads made the trip to represent which I think helped a great deal in making it a crazy fun trip.

I ended up forgetting my camera (of course!) so the only pics I have are from my cell phone. I also ended up only doing the Hardcore, which was fine by me as I had just as much fun (or more) just chilling out in the Iron Arena. So how’d I do there? Did the pKreoss list bring home the bacon?

Find out after the jump. Oh and a big photo gallery too!

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Last progress pic before Templecon 2013

Better pics to come after the Templecon madness…


Here’s one last progress post before Templecon. I have until Wednesday to finish my Hardcore list and it is finally almost there.

Tonight I was able to get all the basing done and flocked. Judicator is done, and the Vessel just needs some minor cleanup and touch ups (partly due to a glue mishap). The Errants are the last bit and they are actually almost done. Some shoulder pads need to be finished and glued on, and the standard bearer is suffering big time from neglect.

With just two more nights to get it all done, I’m feeling confident that I’ll make it..I’d never thought I’d be this close for some reason…

One last Judicator WIP shot…

judicator wip2
Almost ready to burninate…

One more quick WIP shot before the finals are revealed sometime this week.

I was really planning/hoping to have the Judicator done last night but work had other ideas and assembly took a little longer that anticipated due to going back and pinning some things.  But I can honestly say that he will be done by the end of the week, I am hoping by tomorrow, so that I can bring him to game night in fully assembled glory, but I may not have the time tonight either to devote to him.

Only things left are his eyes, the tiny rockets in the rocket pods, and I missed the sanguine strips on the forearm shields.  Oh and I completely forgot about his flamethrowers.  But overall, these are small things that won’t take much time  This list is mostly here so that I don’t forget to do them.

As always, C & C are appreciated.

Road to Templecon 2013: Painting Status Update

Progress laboriously continues towards painting my Hardcore list to completion, with the countdown in the upper right hand mocking me with each day.

Luckily I am almost there.

Left on the table are the Judicator, Vessel of Judgement, and max Errants with UA.  The Judicator I featured in a previous post and it hasn’t progressed much since them.  The lower half is done, but the upper half is still in pieces.  But I’m not worried.  This weekend I got them all primed and prepped from paint, so tonight I am thinking he will be close to done.  The Vessel is a different story.  I have started on him a bit, but the amount of filigree scares me.  At times, I look at it and don’t think it will take that much time, and other times I am completely dumbfounded as where to even begin on it.  Look for some progress shots of it, hopefully after this weekend.

The last bit is my Errants.  First of all, let me thank local player Steve, who graciously painted their robes red while I focused on the Judicator.  Next my friend Danny and I had a painting night last night, so I was able to strictly focus on painting them (there are too many distractions at my place that kill my motivation), so I was able to get them cleaned up and officially “base coated”.  It never feels like I am making progress with them, but now the only thing left is some clean up, finishing their metallics and small details.

Hmmm…maybe I might make this deadline after all…

Bonus: Some “if time permits” painting projects:

  • Intercessor Kreoss
  • 2x Dervishes
  • Fire of Salvation

Templecon 2013 Hardcore List v2…

Templecon 2013
The countdown is ever looming…

After some playtesting with the Hardcore list I outline in an earlier post which used pSev and a lot of discussion and spitballing of ideas, I decided to tweak my list a bit.

I found that it was indeed a very potent list, but not the most friendly for a timed format.  It packed an abundance of AOEs, which just ate away at my clock.  At the NOVA Open, the clock was my greatest enemy as the only losses my eKreoss suffered were because I clocked myself.  I really want to avoid this situation again.  If I lost, I want it to be because I was outplayed, not out attrition-ed with the clock.

So the first of the changes is a big one this late in the game…a warcaster swap…

Slow grow/Journeyman battleboxes!
“Bow or Burn. Either way, there will be one less heretic today.”

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Road to Templecon 2013: Getting my Hardcore list ready…

templacon 2013 logo
Couldn’t find a better pic…

I’m going to Templecon 2013!

Last year I didn’t go because I was just getting into the game and didn’t even have 35 points yet, plus what I did have was barely put together or painted.  Oh what a difference a year makes…I think this hobby has actually fully bloomed into an addiction, but I digress…

Back to Templecon!  I’ve signed up for the Hardcore, and two of the midnight madness style events.  Sadly, Blood, Sweat, and Tiers (an event I really enjoy) was full 😦  I’m also still looking for a third for the team tournament.

But this post is going to focus on a bit of theorymachine and my plans for the Hardcore tourney, which is an event I’ve never actually taken part in.  I’ve never had a fully painted viable 50 point army yet (although I could field a fully painted 50 point list), so that is the first challenge.  The next challenge is actually myself.  I’ve recently been trying to shed my “whatevs” attitude towards playing and gaining a more competitive edge.  So far my average tournament record is 1-3.  I aim to change this.

But how?

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For lunch today? Exemplar Errants!

With Templecon 2 months away, I figured it’s high time I got to work on painting the models that will eventually make up my Hardcore list. I hate feeling pressured with painting…

So today I’m going to try something different. I brought in my Errants to start on during lunch. I figured I can get a good 30 minutes in, since I always bring my lunch.

If this works out, I’m going to be focusing on one color a day, particularly gold and red as I hate painting those two…i figure this will get them done faster than doing them at home, since by the time I get home, I usually don’t feel like doing the assembly line thing.

What ways have you come up with in order to get some painting done?