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Teaser/Spoiler pics of Father Lucant and the new Ret Caster, Issyr

New Retribution caster Issyr

Here’s some spoiler pics I managed to snag of some new warcasters, one from Retribution and one from the new Convergence of Cyriss.

I really love the Issyr model (and art) and I can’t wait to see how she plays.  She could maybe see me starting a Ret army in my future…

Below is Father Lucant, the Divinity Architect AKA “da boss” of Convergence of Cyriss.  I am definitely digging his spider-ey look.

Covergence of Cyriss Father Lucant
Wicked Spider legs.

Menoth Bastion Seneschal spoiler pic!

Dem pauldrons!

EDIT: Aaaaand it looks like he’s now on Privateer Press’ official site.

Looks like thewarstore.com has spoiled the next solo that Menoth is getting in the next book.  Not stats, but at least what he looks like, which is a-okay with me as Menoth tends to come last on the reveals.  Look pretty effin’ awesome, but $25 for one guy!?

Eh, I’ll probably still get one because I love Bastion/Cinerator armor and it keeps with my Exemplar force.

What do y’all think?

Oh and the spoiler stats for Lylyth3 have also apparently appeared on the interwebz.

Hello Beautiful…[Judicator 3D renders]

Menoth Judicator render teaser
“It’s like a cathedral…that kicks ass.”

Despite my trepidation on what Collosals will do to the game…HOT DAMN!

This is the Collosal I’ll be getting. It is my favorite looking Collosal/Gargantuan that I’ve seen thus far.  Next is Hyperion (recently the Ret stuff has been growing on me), then Conquest in the looks department.  I think Stormwall wins in the rules department (Hyperion’s Star Cannon is a close second).

Menoth Judicator rear render
*insert pipe joke here*

Curse you Privateer Press! My wallet weeps…

Possible Spoiler if you are a Menoth player…

Sooo…I found something very interesting while surfing the net.  It hasn’t been announced yet from Privateer Press but it follow the same line as the upcoming plastic Errants.

Click on after the break if you are interested in seeing but you’ve been warned…

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