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The Mid-Journeyman League Slump


I was going to try to avoid the slump this year.  I was energized to paint coming into March.  Then I met Skorne.

True to form at the end of our third week of Journeyman, I’ve entered the Mid-League Slump.  This is where you don’t think you’re going to finish painting your army or you’re even going to finish the league.

Three weeks in and the only things I’ve finished painting are a Bronzeback Titan, Marketh, an Ancestral Guardian, eHexy (well…almost), and maaaybe three Praetorian Swordsmen.  So if I’m being generous that’s seven models in three weeks. Not even double digits.  Last year with Rhyas I was in my homestretch.

Why? Well, I think the basic answer is that Skorne just isn’t hitting me, either in my painting parts nor in my gaming jones.  I even have two of my local Tyrants taking me under their wing to teach me the ways.  I’m not going to give up, because that’s just not me, but after the league I’m really contemplating putting Skorne up on the chopping block.  For the aforementioned reasons and because of some new distractions I’ll be writing about soon.

We still have three weeks to go and I am currently in third place in the game point standings (despite losing every single one of my games, weird), hopefully I can pull out a 180 on all counts.

UPDATE: I was not able to pull a 180, and decided to cut my losses.  The Skorne forces have been sold 😦  Sometimes you just can’t swim against the current.