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The Emperors Legions Horus Heresy Tournament – Wash up

I know I don’t typically post a lot about Warhammer, but these models! And terrain! WOWZA!!

The Painting Bunker

Hello everyone!

Its been ages since my last post and I’ve been anxiously wanting to put this post up for some time.  However due to life etc I’ve not had the time.

Let me assure you, it’ll be well worth your wait.  You’re all in for a very special treat today, the wash up of my 30k Horus Heresy comp that I ran at the beginning of March.  The Emperors Legions.

So a little bit of back ground.  I’ve wanted to run a comp for quite some time, however for many reasons I haven’t.  Mostly due to terrain.  Also, the main reason is I want to run an event.  As some of you reading this know, I’ve been playing 40k since 1st ed, waaaaayyyy back in the late 80’s, early 90’s.  Let me assure you when I say I’ve been to my fair share of comps.  I’ve seen…

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[Slow Grow 2013] Custom Rhyas gets some paint!

Custom Rhyas, Everblight's Kunoichi.

My custom Rhyas conversion finally got some paint over the weekend in anticipation of the start of the Journeyman League games this Thursday.

She came out looking a lot more Strider-ish than originally anticipated (although I’d be lying if he wasn’t a source of inspiration).  I may even go back and paint her mask red to match the scarf…we’ll see.  A detail here and there are left, mostly with her scarf tail.  For some reason it’s a much darker red than the rest. Weird.

Related sidenote:  I’ve joined Lost Hemisphere’s Unloved Model Challenge 2013 as I feel Rhyas (and the Rearguard) qualify for it.  Here is my thread.  It contains much of what you see on my blog.  Here are the rules if you are interested.

[IKRPG] My custom model is 80-ish % done…

IKRPG character Rohan @ about 80% WIP pic
IKRPG character Rohan @ about 80% WIP pic

I’ve posted this pic to the forums and other sites, figured I may as well post it here!

Going off my last post about him, I’m finally started to put paintbrush to model as my giddiness to get him done overcame me.  He’s pretty much done at the moment.  The last remaining items are a custom tattoo I’m going to be doing on the right arm and painting the cloth that hangs at his waist.  I’m not quite sure what color to paint that…My original intent was a darker red, but I also may just do it in the Sanguine that I use throughout the figure to avoid bringing too much color into the model…

We’ll see, but he’s going to definitely be finished and sealed for our next IKRPG night!

So.much.gold…Progress of the Judicator continues…

Menoth Judicator.jpg

Work continues on my Judicator in preparation for Templecon. It’s a definite centerpiece model and a part of my Hardcore list, so it needs to be done by then…

I’ve painted one before as a commission for another player so mine, although it is in a different scheme, is going by relatively quickly. What you see is the product of two days of work. If I keep up at this clip, getting it done with time to spare so I won’t have to stress so much on my other stuff is possible.

How is it on table you may wonder? Well so far I’ve only used it with pSev, but it does not disappoint. No frills is the way I would describe it. It doesn’t do or have a lot of the cool crap that the other colossals/gargantuans have, but it is effective in its simplicity.

Well enough blogging for tonight, there’s more gold to be painted…

O hai Mr. Archangel…[PIC]

Legion of Everblight Archangel
Legion of Everblight Archangel: With wings like that, you’ll probably need a separate bag to to transport it in.


Matt Wilson just tweeted another pic of the Legion Archangel and it’s looking pretty sexy.

Although with all the Legion players in my meta, I CAN wait for this thing to come out, especially after hearing about some its rules…

More Judicator pics (Hi-Res, clearer AND fully assembled pics)!


Found some more pics of the Judicator over at Geekly’s Foray in Tabletop blog.  Head on over to check them out!

My thoughts on the Judicator now that we see him (nearly) complete?  Still awesome!  I can’t wait to put him on the table with my Menites!  I think a giant black knight walking cathedral will certainly look intimidating on the table!  I think the arms are a little disproportionate to the rest of the body, but it’s a small nitpick that to me, doesn’t detract from the model too much.

Praise Menoth! Judicator Spy Pic! It’s real & getting painted at Gen Con [PIC]

Judicator Spy Pic - One sexy Mutha...
Judicator Spy Pic – One sexy Mutha…

The post heading says it all really.  Here is a picture of the (oh so sexy) Judicator being painted at Gen Con this weekend!  I CAN NOT wait to see it fully assembled!

Actually I can’t wait to have one in my hands. eFeora will have a new homie when it comes out.