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Praise be to him! And Journeyman League Painting Table update…

pSeverius! Ready to convert some heathens!
pSeverius! Ready to convert some heathens!

The Journeyman League is still in full swing and the Nova Open is happening in a week, plus I have a race this Saturday, so sorry I’ve been lax with the updates and pics.

I have Harbinger, a full unit of Vengers, Gravus, eKreoss, 10 Errants + UA, and a unit of Knights Exemplar on the table currently.  Yeesh.  By my schedule, starting tomorrow I have about 6 days to work on it all.  So yeah, that isn’t happening.  I am hoping to get the Errants and Harbinger at least done by the Open which seems more do able if I can knock out 2 Errants a day.  After the open, there’ll be one more week of the Journeyman, so I really want to get the Vengers done and on the game table by then as that would be 15 hobby points for me, a pretty sizable chunk that might push me over the edge for second place…Yes, I’m playing for second place.  We have a player that has already painted more Skorne than the amount of Menoth I own.  I think his Hobby score is equal to the next person’s total score.

In the mean time, I did manage to finish the old man himself, Grand Scrutator Severius.  He’s more of a spell slinger than I usually play, but I welcome the change in pace.  Plus Ashes to Ashes and Eye of Menoth are awesome spells.  I never thought I would see the day that MAT7 missed some much until I started playing Menoth.  When I was playing Khador, MAT7 was like ‘elite’, the stuff of Characters.  When I was looking at my Menoth cards, I was like “wait a minute…the normal troopers are MAT7!? BROKEN!!1!”  MAT8 Exemplar is going to be gravy however.  Plus 8 Focus seems like a lot, so it might feel like how I felt when I played my first FOC7 caster from FOC6 and felt like I had focus to burn for days.  He’ll be going on the table tonight for sure, along with a lot of other stuff I’ve painted but haven’t played yet.