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Win some swag with the #MyHobby Challenge from Secret Weapon!

All the month of Febuary, Secret Weapon Miniatures is running a contest on Facebook.  All you need to do is tag a post of include the hashtag #MyHobby in order to be entered to win some swag!

What are you waiting for?  Get to it!  Details here.

(Oh and they currently have a sale going on too!)

[Paint the Target] Now with prizes, courtesy of Secret Weapon Miniatures! [UPDATED]

Secret Weapon Miniatures
Secret Weapon Miniatures

Coming up on the heels of the first deadline for the January Paint the Target (tomorrow!), I’m working with Secret Weapon Miniatures to bring you guys some prize draws!

I’ll have more info when the January results posts goes up, but the tentative plan is to have prize draws every quarter (March, June, September, December).


So the tentative plan for the moment is that there will be four (4) drawings, one at the end of each quarter (March, June, September, December).  the drawings will be random, but each painted target during that quarter grants you an entry (so paint 3 monthly targets in a quarter, you’ll have 3 entries, miss a month and you’ll have 2 entries, etc).  Sorry my non-US brethren, but for the moment it’s only going to be for US folks until I get a handle on shipping and whatnot.

Plarzoid has also graciously donated some very useful widgets as prize support!

[Tutorial] Paint with Secret Weapon Washes

Quick and beautiful.
Quick and beautiful.

I’m always on the lookout for new painting techniques and today’s tutorial comes courtesy of Hand Cannon Online.

Check out their tutorial on painting models strictly using washes. I’ve used a variation of this technique with my Tohaa and it’s paying dividends. I was able to knock out 7 models with minimum time spent at the painting desk (as the drying time allows you to do other stuff and come back later easily) thus enabling me to keep my motivation up.  Plus dem results!

I can see this technique REALLY cutting down on your amount of unpainted models (which let’s be real, it a problem for us WM/H players) and quickly.

You can pick up Secret Weapon washes here.  I wholeheartedly recommend them anyway.  I’ve used them extensively on my Tohaa and Rhyas Rearguard armies.