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New commission site set up: Rocket Powered Paint Brush!

Rocket Powered Paint Brush!

So I started to do some house keeping on ye olde blog and noticed that while it is still very focused on my painting, it has also expanded to include a variety of other topics (all still pretty related to Warmachine though).  Something I still would like to do however is get into more commission work, mostly as a means of funding my own hobby ideas and intentions.

And with that, I created a new site: Rocket Powered Paint Brush!  It is separate from this site, although the content will mostly also appear on this blog.  I wanted to do this as a means of streamlining the process, so to speak, and keeping that part separate (business-wise) from my nattering here.  This way, if you (or someone you know) is interested in some commission work, you can go there and see the good stuff, rather than shuffle through the various posts on Mini Army, Huge Time Sink.

Here’s that link again!