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Shifting Stones and Stone Keeper

Sorry no witty title this time.

Just a quick shot of the Shifting Stones and Stone Keeper for my fledgling Circle Orboros force. I actually painted this group up a month or so back, but never got around to posting it.

I’m still not sure what I want to do with my Circle.  As in, whether I want to even do it at all or not.  It was originally going to be a 50 point eKaya T4 list, but then I had thoughts to expand it into a full-fledged force.  I have all the models for the eKaya list, but now I’m not so sure I want to keep going with them at all.

I’m all in on Menoth and my Rhyas Rearguard, but I worry I won’t have the time for THREE armies…

[Infinity] Red vs Blue

Red & Blue Tohaa Sakaels WIPs
Red & Blue (the eternal struggle) Tohaa Sakaels WIPs

By the time you read this, I will have already made my choice. But hey, I’ll share anyway!

I’m typing up my initial impressions of Infinity currently, so look for that in the next week or so, along with a slew of new content as motivation has taken me once more (I hope).

In the meantime, I got back to painting my Tohaa because, well, it’s only 13 models at the moment (with plans for a couple additions soon as they are released) so it shouldn’t be a big deal to get a fully painted force ready.

Here are a pair of Sakeals (a unit I love so far). The red is what I was originally planning for my Tohaa, as a take on a flesh-and-bone scheme.  Over the weekend, I was bit by the desire to paint (finally), so I got to work on this new version.  I’m really liking the blue now because of how it stands out more and is quite different from the stock studio scheme.

My current goal is to have around 75% (so 9 models) of my Tohaa painted for by return back to gaming in about 2-ish weeks.