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Games I Like – Frostgrave – Putting together an open campaign is a lot of work!

In addition to Malifaux and Infinity, Frostgrave is another game that’s caught our attention! Here’s a great warband and terrain!

Guerrilla Miniature Games

If you follow me on Facebook you’ve likely seen my real-time progress shots on Frostgrave, Osprey’s new Warband Adventure game, which I’ll be running an open Campaign for at the CoOp. I’m super-excited to get to play and I should have the bulk of the neccessary scenery for it done this weekend.

Here’s some progress shots of my Sigilist warband for those that haven’t seen them. They’re a mix of Reaper, Otherword and the new North Star Frostgrave Soldier plastic box!

The Warband so far

Treasure Hunter, Apprentice and Two Thugs

I’ve also been hard at work on terrain from a variety of sources. It will all be played on a Frontline Gaming Alpine FAT Mat.

Group ShotRuined Bridge

Table is starting to fill



Group Shot

Lots more to come!

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One Way at Orange – Or How to Paint Orange

A great tutorial on how to paint Orange!

Bleached Models - A Hobby Blog

Here I am going to explain how I paint my orange/brown used on my Aleph miniatures from Corvus Belli’s Infinity range.

What you will need are:

-Awesome Miniature (Yes, it has to be awesome!)
-Paint Brush
-Paints (in this case: German Grey [Vallejo Model Color], Gorthor Brown [Games Workshop], Orange Brown [Vallejo Model Color] and Scrofulous Brown [Vallejo Game Color]

1) Base Coat

Orange 01

Apply the base coat to the areas of the model you wish to paint with Gorthor Brown. Do not fret on being messy (at least as long as this is one of the first colors you are applying…).

2) First Shade

Orange 02

Start painting the darkest regions on your brown parts of the model. I try to focus on lower parts or sections where light is minimal or near non existent. It is not an exact science (doesn’t mean it cannot be), but it gets the job done…

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Hobby Tutorial: Quick and Cheap Homemade Wet Palette

I’ve been using a wet palette for a few years and I recommend them to anyone looking to get great results on their miniatures! Thin paints are key!

Guslado's Games

Wet Palette 06

When I started taking miniature painting seriously, I asked the good painters I saw what their number one recommendation is for someone to improve their painting. Invariably they said, “Thin your paints!” This is because not only does this make the paints go on smoother than if you used them straight from the pot, it reduces the appearance of brush strokes, and most importantly it takes advantage of the translucent quality of the acrylic paints we use as miniature painters; briefly what this means is that if you properly thin your paint the layer beneath your top layer will show through some where the top layer is thinner, giving you a smother blending of layers.

The addition of that simple technique to my painting arsenal stepped up my painting game immensely, but the one issue I ran into with working with thinned paints is that, like all paints, they gradually…

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2014 Feat of Service Charity Event recap!

Plarzoid posted a recap over on his site of the First Annual Feat of Service custom caster event held this weekend.

Katya takes to the field of battle, brew in hand.
Katya takes to the field of battle, brew in hand.

I’ve talked about event before in my series on building my own custom caster in the spell draft, Rohan, Demon of the Mists*.  But you have got to take a gander at all the AWESOME custom casters folks came up with!  It looks like it was an amazing time and raised over $3,000 for the Wounded Warriors project!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!

(*I unfortunately was unable to attend due to previous family plans)

More Judicator pics (Hi-Res, clearer AND fully assembled pics)!


Found some more pics of the Judicator over at Geekly’s Foray in Tabletop blog.  Head on over to check them out!

My thoughts on the Judicator now that we see him (nearly) complete?  Still awesome!  I can’t wait to put him on the table with my Menites!  I think a giant black knight walking cathedral will certainly look intimidating on the table!  I think the arms are a little disproportionate to the rest of the body, but it’s a small nitpick that to me, doesn’t detract from the model too much.

Reblog: First night of Journeyman games & pics of all the battleboxes!!

Slow grow/Journeyman battleboxes!
“Bow or Burn. Either way, there will be one less heretic today.”

Thursday was the first night of Journeyman/Slow grow league games and man o man, it was a grand time!

I don’t know if it’s the new shiny or what, but Menoth seems to have that…something…that I felt was missing from Khador for me.  Maybe I was burned (eh? eh?!) out on them and ready for a change, but I was talking with my wife and basically summed it up as, “I like them, but I don’t know if I’m in like with them…”  Suffice it to say I have been tossing around the possibility of possibly…maybe…sorta…selling them off.  But that’s for another post!

Back to the slow grow!  My local PG and Plarzoid brought in his lightbox in order to take (quality) pics of everyone’s battleboxes and it was awesome.  Check out all the pics on his blog here!  I’m pretty proud of our group as there are some really sexy mofos in there!  To me, it has always seemed like our group are more competitive players than painters, but they really stepped it up for this league!

I got in one and half games Thursday night.  Why one and a half?  Well about two-ish turns into my second game, Plarzoid started up a Portals event and Paul (my opponent at the time) and I wanted to get in on it.  If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a ton of fun and many shenanigans will ensue.  You can find the rules here.  I went with eFeora the whole night because 1.) it brought me closer to the battlebox limit at 12 points (everyone was cool with it) and 2.) lighting everything on fire is good times.

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Steamroller 2012 – Scenario Cards

Found this on the wargaming monkey, Steamroller 2012 scenario cards! Much easier than lugging the original document around!

The Wargaming Monkey

I am still working through the Steamroller 2012 book and I will be honest, a lot of it confuses the crap out of me lol. I am however loving the scenarios. Lets be fair coming from 40k and the massive variety in scenarios you got in 5th edition, this is an absolute goldmine.

The pack however is not very practical when trying to play and it is a little bit chunky.

Step into the fray “Andy Przybyla” from the Warhammer Forum Who has created a wonderful set of Scenarios cards that you can print out and will fit in standard card sleeves.

These are truly fantastic and a big thanks to Sib for his hard work on getting these out. This are now printed and ready to be used 🙂

The original thread can be found here – http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=97445

The link to the most up to date version of the…

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