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[Relic Knights] Leopold Magnus & Static

Following on the heels of last post as promised, here is the first Relic Knights’ pair of models: Leopold Magnus and Static!

mags 2

Magnus is a Questing Knight (sort of like a junior Knight) for the Black Diamond faction and Static is his Cypher. I haven’t got a game in yet, but just by looking at his abilities, he seems to be geared towards Control type tactics with Esper stealing and knockback abilities.  Also I’m not quite sure what he is?  A robot?  Alien in a suit? So I’ll just put what’s on the back of the box:

Leopold Magnus spearheads Black Diamond’s research and development.  Naturally the best place to test his fiendish creations is on the field of battle.

While I’m not really super proud of the paintjob (it’s pretty much a tabletop speed job special), I do really like how his cape came out:

Crappy picture is still crappy though.
Crappy picture is still crappy though.

The bases also came out really good and they are the kickstarter extras that were included.  It also gave me a chance to break out my Secret Weapon pigments! I also think that the bases are a better plastic that the actual models!  Jeez, I really hate the type of plastic used on the models (same can be said about Privateer Press plastics too)…

Sigh...I need a light box...
Sigh…I need a light box…

The rest of the starter box models are incoming! Just as soon as I figure out a paint scheme, although I’m leaning towards making them all purple to match Mags here.  Kinda like his personal guard…