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How to Play Warmachine Tutorial Video

Privateer Press is really embracing this whole internet fad thing and put out what is the definitive “How to Play Warmachine” video.

I’m sure they’ll do one for Hordes soon.

Here’s also my beginner’s guide: So you want to play Warmachine?


Privateer Press Pins!

Sigh...I'll take two...
Sigh…I’ll take two…

If you’ve been following Privateer Press’ Insider newsletter, then you are probably aware of pins that they are going to start having for convention exclusives.

Now I don’t really understand the whole pin collecting craze thing (I’m also not a big knick-knack collector in general), but I’d be lying to you if told you I wasn’t going to get a Kreoss or Crusader pin (and a Rhyas if they ever make one) for my gaming bag.

Check out their just launched Pins site here, and be on the look out come June 2014!

2013 Gen Con P3 Painting Competition Gallery Online

One day…

Privateer Press has finally put online something I’ve been hoping they would: An online gallery of the various winners of the 2013 Gen Con Grandmaster Painting Competition.

One day I hope to have a model entered in there.  One day I hope to win too!  I still think I have a long way to go skill-wise, but it’s a great motivator.  Next year at Templecon, I hope to enter into the Crystal Brush if they have it again.

You may recognize Eric Lui’s Kraken from Templecon this year.  He won silver in both battlegroup and Massive!

Check out all the amazing winners here.

GenCon Exclusives Pic: Bombshell Bombardier & Druid Gone Wilder figures! [UPDATED ]

UPDATE: As if on queue, Privateer Press has released the official model previews on their site.

I thought they were just shirts before....
I thought they were just shirts before….

In the latest Privateer Press Insider, they mention some exclusive releases.  I had seen the artwork they were talking about before (the Druid is currently my phone wallpaper), but I didn’t know they were going to be figures, then I found this!

It’s not the best quality obviously, but they stay very close to the artwork shown in the gallery below.

So who’s going to Gen Con and picking one up?