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[POLL] Help! I need painting competition model ideas! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 3/26: I called an audible and picked up a Dark Eldar Raider!  More details to come!]

This year one of my painting resolutions was to enter a painting competition.  Like a full blown one.  This year’s goal is going to be entering in a model into my local convention, the Nova Open’s Capitol Palette.

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[Quick Poll] Pose for my Judicator?

As my Dark Judicator nears completion, it is time to decide on how he will be immortalized in all his splendor.  I love the poses that are action-oriented or tell a story by themselves.  Ones that make the subject look “alive”, as compared to the statue ones (looking at you plastic pKreoss, as awesome of a model as you are).

Right now I am torn between two pose options, pictured below, and I would like help from you, faithful internet denizen, in deciding on a pose.  I was leaning towards the “I am Judicator, hear me RAWR!” pose I’ll be copying from a Sanctifier I found on Lost Hemisphere (WM/H blogging won’t be the same without yous guys *sob*).  I flipped the image so that the legs match up with the Judicator’s legs.  It’s a cool pose I think because I imagine it is very awe-inspiring to someone viewing it if it was real.  The other option makes it look like he’s walking forward and I can just feel the weight of it as it lumbers towards the unfaithful.

So have a look at the pics below, and vote in the poll below them!

Help with my Widowmaker Marksmen!

What color?

I need some help with my Widowmaker Marksman.  I don’t know what color to paint his jacket/coat.  I’ve heavily leaning towards the white of my current Widowmakers, but as a solo and him being the tops of Widowmakers fluff-wise, I feel like I should do a different color. To differentiate him from the others?

What do you think?  Take my poll below!

Edit: So far, white is winning…