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Hobbying on the weekend?! A tabletop update.

What madness is this?!

For various reasons (mostly burnout and time), I haven’t been the most active on the hobby front.  Especially not near what I was in the beginning of 2013.

This weekend I think was one of my most productive hobby-wise in awhile, even with everything my wife and I had going on…

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Hitting a plateau with my painting…

On the eve of starting on my Tohaa from Infinity, the end of the most recent Journeyman League, and the anniversary of two years since I began this hobby and blog, I find myself at a crossroads…

Tohaa, Primed and ready!
Primed and ready!

I’ve been wrestling with myself for a while now and I think I’m just going to have to admit it…

I’m stuck.

I feel like my painting skills and quality have hit a metaphorical wall.  This is after much reflection on my methods, my results, and brought about while trying to get busy on my Tohaa test model.

If my game hit a plateau or wall, I could switch up my lists, faction, or heck, even gaming system.  But I’m not sure what to do to handle this painting plateau I find myself dangling from.

I feel I’m ready for the next level…

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Road to Templecon 2013: Painting Status Update

Progress laboriously continues towards painting my Hardcore list to completion, with the countdown in the upper right hand mocking me with each day.

Luckily I am almost there.

Left on the table are the Judicator, Vessel of Judgement, and max Errants with UA.  The Judicator I featured in a previous post and it hasn’t progressed much since them.  The lower half is done, but the upper half is still in pieces.  But I’m not worried.  This weekend I got them all primed and prepped from paint, so tonight I am thinking he will be close to done.  The Vessel is a different story.  I have started on him a bit, but the amount of filigree scares me.  At times, I look at it and don’t think it will take that much time, and other times I am completely dumbfounded as where to even begin on it.  Look for some progress shots of it, hopefully after this weekend.

The last bit is my Errants.  First of all, let me thank local player Steve, who graciously painted their robes red while I focused on the Judicator.  Next my friend Danny and I had a painting night last night, so I was able to strictly focus on painting them (there are too many distractions at my place that kill my motivation), so I was able to get them cleaned up and officially “base coated”.  It never feels like I am making progress with them, but now the only thing left is some clean up, finishing their metallics and small details.

Hmmm…maybe I might make this deadline after all…

Bonus: Some “if time permits” painting projects:

  • Intercessor Kreoss
  • 2x Dervishes
  • Fire of Salvation

Everyday I’m Shufflin’, Shufflin’! A Painting Table Update.

The painting table is never empty. A situation I’m sure many a wargamer is familiar with.

In my case, my table runneth over with models that need paint. I thought I’d share some of the projects I have going on and talk a little about where they’re heading, how they’re going, etc.  I never seem to stay on one project or model long, as I tend to shuffle between many at a time.  It prolongs the insanity, but at least I change up so often I don’t get bored!

Let’s start with the big mac daddy at the moment….the Menoth Battle Engine: The Vessel of Judgement!

vessel of judgement WIP
Vessel of Judgement WIP. Wobbly picture is wobbly.

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On the painting table…

Kayazy Eliminators WIP
Kayazy Eliminators WIP

I’m back with a painting frenzy!  On my table I have the Eliminators that I previewed yesterday, this time with a bit more work done, about 75% to completion.  Also are the two warjacks I’ve been working on (slowly), a Decimator and Beast-09.  I’m chugging away at Beast-09 but I’m having trouble because he is put together.  I guess I’m so use to painting each part separate, but for whatever reason I decided to put Beast-09 together before painting him.  I have no idea how you guys get the results you do with fully assembled models.  Paint gets everywhere where I don’t want it and then there are times I can’t even reach some areas to paint!

Also I got started on 3 of the 12 Iron Fang Pikemen I have.  I use them in every game pretty much, so it’s about time really.  I’m going to tackle them in sets of 3 to keep my sanity…oh, and I have yet to do their brass rods…