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Trying to get into the mindset before I paint the Raider…

I love customization.

It’s why none of my models are ever painted in studio schemes. Why I spend an exorbitant amount of time tweaking my character until he’s just right before even playing a video game. Why I make characters/models for games that don’t even need them (like my custom Mage War mage models).

It’s why I’m making a custom Dark Eldar kabal for just a painting contest entry.  I figured something like this would help me get into the proper mindset when I finally sit down to put airbrush to model.

Utilizing these  Dark Eldar Kabal creation tables and this DnD dice roller I found on Google, I came up with a quick idea for my kabal that I could easily expand IF I ever wanted to pursue a Dark Eldar army past this model.

Enter the Kabal of the Eternal Eclipse.

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The Road to the Capitol Palette and Nova Open has begun…

Last week I put out a poll and asked for suggestions for a model to paint and enter in the 2014 Nova Open Capitol Palette/Crystal Brush.

In the end there were 2 clear front runners (which a seemingly last minute push for the Deathjack to tie it for second place) between the Dark Eldar’s Razorwing Jetfighter and the O-Yoroi TAG from Infinity.

I called an audible.  So what did I end up going with?

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[POLL] Help! I need painting competition model ideas! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 3/26: I called an audible and picked up a Dark Eldar Raider!  More details to come!]

This year one of my painting resolutions was to enter a painting competition.  Like a full blown one.  This year’s goal is going to be entering in a model into my local convention, the Nova Open’s Capitol Palette.

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My Painting Competition Winning 15pt Force!

eFeora @ 15pts
eFeora @ 15pts

As our League was winding down, we held two painting competitions, one at 15 points, the other at 35, and opened up the voting to the public over at the Privateer Press Forums.  If you remember I posted about it encouraging everyone to go and vote.

Well I’m extremely happy to report that I won one of them!  At the 15 point level, my epic Feora force took home the gold..erm…gift certificate with over 50% of the votes! Wowzas!  These winnings have bought me eeKreoss whenever he comes out!

My 35 point entry didn’t fare as well, but I place some of the blame on the quality of the picture.  It was admittedly taken in haste, and as was pointed out by some in our group, it washes out the colors.  But I really shouldn’t complain, we had some really great entries at this level, and the winning entry is a really great looking force on the table (I know, I’ve faced off against it).

Reznik @ 35pt
Reznik @ 35pt. Not the best pic…

This is really great in that this is just after a year in the hobby!  I’m putting together a post that takes a look at various models I’ve painted from the beginning up to now, as a sort of “look how I’ve grown” or retrospective post.  Be on the look out for that in the coming week!


Journeyman Painting Competitions! Go vote for your favorite now!

Our Journeyman League just wrapped up last Sunday, so the only thing left now is to wrap up the various raffles and side competitions we have going on.
The big ones are the Painting Competitions!  We have one for both the 15 point level and also the 35 point level.  Plarzoid created some polls on the Privateer forums where you can go and cast your vote for your favorite or who you think should be the winner!