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Nephilim Soldier done, Scythean started!

nephilim soldier done 3
Man, I really love this blue.

Just wanted to share the work I was able to do on the Nephilim Soldier last night.  He’s pretty much done at the moment and I’m very happy with the result.  In fact, it’s emboldened me to push on.  This is 5 points down, 45 to go!

Still undecided on what to do as far as basing though.  I did have an idea when I remembered that my mom has one of these hanging up in her house.  I was going to swing by on the weekend anyway, but now I think I’ll also try and get a mold of it made with some insta-mold and then make a cast that I’ll smash to chunks.  Thoughts?

Also, I have some pics of the Scythean I started on.  The first week of the Slow Grow/Journeyman (never know which is the right one to call it) culminates in a 15pt Highlander event, which means I need one of every model type.  I have the Nephilim Soldier as my light, the Scythean as my heavy warbeast (as the other in the list is Typhon and I don’t think characters are permitted), Swordsmen or warmongers (probably Warmongers) as my unit, and either a Shepard or a War chief (probably the War Chief) as my solo.  Rhyas as my warlock of course.

Talkin’ about Ogruns tomorrow!


Breaking back out the Legion for Slow Grow 2013!

The start of something monstrous?
The start of something monstrous?

Well kinda…

I believe it actually starts on July 8th or so, but I found out (or probably forgot) that anything painted since January counts for this year’s Journeyman League. Not sure if that means all that I’ve painted, or just what I’d doing for the Journeyman…either way, it’s time to break back out the Legion of Everblight!!

Whole lotta pics ahead…

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Progress on Druid Gone Wilder & Nephlim Soldier

I really need to get a new camera :/

Slowly but surely the painting table is getting worked on…

Today I have for you the latest on two of the projects I chronicled earlier: The Druid Wilder and the Nephlim Soldier!

I’ve got pretty much the entire Druid basecoated and some highlights have started to go in.  The Woldwrath head is completed and came out great I think.  The rest, weeeellll…Something seems off to me but I can’t put my finger on it.  Perhaps you see what I don’t or can give me some pointers?

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Rise of the Rearguard: I start my daliance with Hordes.

[Edit: I began writing this post awhile ago, but it fell into the great ether until I recently realized I had never  finished it. My bad.]

Yup, so soon after the Nova Open and in the last week of our Journeyman League, I broke out a Legion model.  It was mostly because I had had enough of painting black and gold and wanted to work out some color scheme ideas I had in my head.

I began with a light warbeast, the Nephlim Soldier, mostly because he has a lot of the elements that would be featured in the army.  But most of all, he was made of mostly flesh, something I don’t have a lot of experience with yet as Warmachine models tend to be mostly armor and whatnot save for the faces.  And with that I began with my first idea, the sunburst Legion of Everblight!

So bright, he'd have to wear shades...if he had eyes...
So bright, he’d have to wear shades…if he had eyes…

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