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Ruminations on the Protectorate and me…

Awhile ago, I decided to dive off the deep end and repaint my Menoth

…but that hasn’t quite come to fruition.  Why?  A variety of reasons really.  Not happy with the scheme or it’s execution were among the top because if I am going to dive off that cliff, I want to be 100% I like the end result.

But if I have to be honest with myself, the biggest reason is excitement. Or lack there of.

Prepare for a bit more text than usual….

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Hobbying on the weekend?! A tabletop update.

What madness is this?!

For various reasons (mostly burnout and time), I haven’t been the most active on the hobby front.  Especially not near what I was in the beginning of 2013.

This weekend I think was one of my most productive hobby-wise in awhile, even with everything my wife and I had going on…

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New Year, New Look, New Games

I’m starting the new year early I guess…

tohaa phase 1
“Get those things!”

For the past 2 or so years, Mini Army, Huge Time Sink has had the same look and feel.  It’s served it’s purpose well and has (in my opinion) looked cleaned and well organized.

For 2014, I wanted to do something a little different.  Since I’m expanding my gaming palette to include Infinity and Malifaux in addition to the usual Warmachine/Hordes offerings, I figured why not change up the site too?  Part of what spurred this came from a friend’s comment.  He said he came to my site for pictures, and went to others for the text. That really rang true when I thought about the type of content I typically posted on here.  I’m not the most verbose blogger, but I do like to include tons of high-res images.  So this new look basically shifts the focus to those.  I’ve always been more of a shower, rather than a teller anyway. Let me know what you think of the new look in the comments.  You can help decide if it stays or goes.

Tohaa kamael brings it.

Speaking of new things, work continues on my Tohaa.  I near the homestretch in getting them 100% painted with just five models left and they are all about 50% there.  Then I’ll pick up the Gorgos, Ectros and Gao-Tarsos with HMGs when they are released and we’ll start this exercise all over again…sigh…Such is the way of tabletop war games I guess…

And one final share…I finally had my first taste of Malifaux.  Last games night, local Zac (go and check out his webcomic!) quickly showed myself and another local how to play the basics.   I can definitely say it’s way different from Infinity or Warmachine/Hordes.  I kinda like the card mechanic and with the new move to plastic the models are starting to grow on me (which is huge, because I used to HATE them).

Ten Thunders - Bringin' da Thunda.
Bringin’ da Thunda.

These guys are what comes in The Thunder starter box and I added Yamizuko to it to bring me up to the 50ss level.  Unfortunately, at this moment, Ten Thunders doesn’t really have a lot of models to choose from any way, but I’m sure with a little patience, I’ll find some mode that I like. I also didn’t get much of a feel for the force yet, but again, I was more focused on getting the mechanics of the game down. Another week of so, depending on all the holiday festivities, and these will be done as all that’s left is a bit of highlighting and small details.  They were an exercise in speed-painting and they actually didn’t come out all that bad.  really could have took more care with the mold lines though…

[Infinity] Initial Thoughts on the Game

150pt infinity game
“Red Leader. Lead the way”

Now that I have a semi-decent grasp on the basic rules and gameflow, I feel I can make this post.

As you can tell, I’ve been taken with Infinity as of late. Even more so now that some of our locals have also picked up armies. And from what I hear, there is actually a pretty big Infinity meta already here in NoVA, I just haven’t been paying attention I guess.

Showdown at the dock town.
Showdown at the dock town.

Here are some thoughts on the game so far..

…A wall of text is incoming…

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Hitting a plateau with my painting…

On the eve of starting on my Tohaa from Infinity, the end of the most recent Journeyman League, and the anniversary of two years since I began this hobby and blog, I find myself at a crossroads…

Tohaa, Primed and ready!
Primed and ready!

I’ve been wrestling with myself for a while now and I think I’m just going to have to admit it…

I’m stuck.

I feel like my painting skills and quality have hit a metaphorical wall.  This is after much reflection on my methods, my results, and brought about while trying to get busy on my Tohaa test model.

If my game hit a plateau or wall, I could switch up my lists, faction, or heck, even gaming system.  But I’m not sure what to do to handle this painting plateau I find myself dangling from.

I feel I’m ready for the next level…

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[Journeyman 2013] That’s a wrap people!

Rhyas - The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4
Rhyas – The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4

Another year, another Journeyman League gone.

Tonight is the ‘Awards Ceremony’ for our Journeyman League.  Six weeks of painting and playing games behind me, I now have a fully painted 50 point army (see above) to terrorize the table tops with. Overall, I didn’t win any of the categories but came close in two of them (which was a huge surprise to me), and went 10-6 as far as win-loss record which is the bigger news! With Rhyas. Boom shaka laka naysayers.

The army is a lot of fun to play as it’s very different from my Menoth.  You have to be VERY aggressive with it to get anywhere and always on the look out for assassination opportunities (more so than usual).  FURY management is also a big concern for it with a FURY 5 warlock and two heavies and a light capable of producing 11 fury if you max them out.  Make sure to keep that Shepard safe! Sometimes I wanted/needed Rhyas to have a ranged attack spell, but when all else fails, just apply Rhyas and see where it takes you.  And never look down on Riposte.  I think it killed as many models as Rhyas did charging. Also the beef wall of terror causing Ogruns is fantastic! It’s 12 models totaling 96 health boxes, all at ARM 16-17. It can be a lot to chew through for some people.  Then you have a mess of Swordsmen to clean up the remains.

Surprise MVP? The Nephilim Solider.  He assassinated more casters than either Rhyas or the two heavies.

So what’s next for me?

A break probably.  In actuality, I think it’s time to indulge in some palette cleansing games (like Infinity!).  More on that (very) soon!

My Top 10 favorite Warmachine/Hordes models

After stating that the Legion Swordsmen Champion is in my Top 10 favorite WM/H models, it got me thinking…what actually are my Top 10 favorite WM/H models?

After some brain-wracking, I think I’ve come up with this list.  Now keep in mind, this is based strictly off of looks, not rules.  Those can be very different things.  Also this is presented in no particular order, even though they are numbered (how else will I count to ten?).  I’m already indecisive enough when it comes to doing these kinds of ‘Top Whatever’ lists, I don’t need to go adding a ranking to them.  I’d much rather just keep my head from exploding.

Any way, let’s check ’em out!

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Storm before the calm?

2 out of 5 ain't bad I guess...
Super IKRPG Bros. 2 out of 5 ain’t bad I guess…

Above is a pic from last night’s IKRPG session.  Zac got his PC painted up and it looks ace!  Now that leaves just 3 more before I can get that group picture…

I know I’ve been lax in updating these past few months. Part of that was just life in general and recently it’s been because I’ve been swamped in commission work.  Not that I’m complaining. It is what funds this addiction hobby.  I have 3 that are in the homestretch at the moment, I hope to have them all done by no later than this Saturday.

After those are done, I’m going to take some time to focus on my own army mans, like getting my Legion Rearguard ready for the Slow Grow/Journeyman league that usually hits during the summer months. That way whenever it begins, all the prep work like priming, making bases, pinning, greenstuffing, etc, is all done and all I have to do is just pick up and paint.

I also have another little project I have in the works that I’m taking at a very slow pace…

Oh yes.

Templecon 2013 & Me. [Plus a Pic Dump!]

My first Templecon has come and gone and I gotta say it was a real good time. A whole group of the NoVA Nomads made the trip to represent which I think helped a great deal in making it a crazy fun trip.

I ended up forgetting my camera (of course!) so the only pics I have are from my cell phone. I also ended up only doing the Hardcore, which was fine by me as I had just as much fun (or more) just chilling out in the Iron Arena. So how’d I do there? Did the pKreoss list bring home the bacon?

Find out after the jump. Oh and a big photo gallery too!

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