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Model Showcase: Joasht’s Converted Plastic Fire of Salvation

Joasht's Converted Plastic Fire of Salvation
Joasht’s Converted Plastic Fire of Salvation

Model Showcase is a new series where I post and showcase some of the awesome models I come across while taking in the sights and sounds of the amazing Warmachine & Hordes community!

I haven’t done this feature in a looooong time, but I do want to turn the model showcase into a regular feature.  Preferably weekly.

So the first of this new feature belongs to Joasht on the Privateer Press Forums and his converted plastic Fire of Salvation!  FoS is a favorite warjack of mine in the Protectorate and don’t get me wrong, I think he looks great as is in metal form.  He still retains the general lines and silhouette of the other Menite Crusader chassis warjacks.  But he does suffer a bit from under-sized metal character warjack syndrome (the greatest sufferer is of course the Avatar of Menoth), not as bad as some others, but still not “prefect”.  Plus as a general rule, I prefer the plastic warjacks to the metal, due to a number of factors like weight, easy of assembly/posing, but most importantly: looks.  Yes, I think the plastic warjacks are leaps and bounds over their metal brethren.  It’s why I’m thinking of picking up another Reckoner chassis in plastic.

Joasht solves this with his conversion by not only giving it a great paintjob but it is unmistakably Fire of Salvation.  It’s also magnetized so that he can still have his options!  Click here or on the pic to go to the thread on the Privateer Press Forums!

In terms of my Fire of Salvation…he’s the only warjack I own for Menoth that isn’t painted yet.