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Latest from the painting table…

Amon Mechanik Redeemer WIP
“Heretic, do you even lift?!”

I have been working on some commissions lately (Cygnar and Menoth battleboxes) and even have a collosal I’ve been commissioned on, but since I ran out of primer and am awaiting my new bottle, I decided to work on some of my own stuff for a change (ha!).  In about 3ish hours I think I managed to get a ton done last night!

I worked on my newest warcaster, Amon Ad-Raza, as well as the Redeemer and the Mechanik, which both factor into my Templecon Hardcore list.  Amon can be finished tonight in maybe an hour tops, he just needs some clean up here and there and his skirt needs to be finished.  The Mechanik is also pretty close, but have a lot of details I still need to do.  The Redeemer is at least 30% done, still needing a lot of metals, which is arguably the most annoying and time consuming part of warjacks if you ask me.

Amon will break you.
He will break you.

I still really need to work on my bare skin.  Faces I think I do pretty well, but bodies are a whole other story for me…I’m going to bring him with me to game night and enlist some advice from my fellow painters (nudge nudge Plarzoid).  Or if any of you readers out there have any tips for me, I’m all ears!  My process with Amon was to base with P3 Khardic Flesh, wash with P3 Flesh Wash, clean up a bit with Khardic Flesh again, highlight with P3 Midlund Flesh. My highlights are a bit more like edge highlights in technique, so I thing that may be a problem.  Also I think I should maybe do a mix of the two flesh colours are a midtone and then do my Midlund Flesh highlighting thing…