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[Journeyman 2014] Makeda and me.

Two weeks into our Journeyman, how has Makeda & the Exalted Court theme force been treating me?

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PREVIEW – Hordes Gargantuans Legion Archangel & Skorne Mammoth teasers…

iWargame snagged some more teaser pics off of Matt Wilson’s twitter feed of the Archangel and Mammoth! It won’t be long before we see these two on the front page. Not where is eeKreoss? November 21st is just around the corner…

Yes, I know I’m reposting a repost. Welcome to the internet.

Some pics grabbed off of Matt Wilson. Thank you good sir for wetting our appetites.

The studio paint job is looking nice for the beloved Legion of Everblight Archangel dragon.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Skorne Mammoth might beat out the Mountain King on best looking. Only time will tell when we get to see more.

Massive things happening at Privateer Press in 2013. BRING IT ON. No wait…let me get more money first!

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