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Zuriel spotted!

Rhyas’ (and Saeryn’s) character warbeast is looking O.M.G.Amazing!

My Rhyas can’t wait to get her homeboy! I’m also super excited if you couldn’t tell. I went nuts when they announced that her character warbeast was going to be a Nephilim, as my Soldier is not only the first legion model I ever painted, but still one of my favorites.  The fact that it does so much work in my Rearguard army makes it even better!

Foodmachine 2013!

Rhyas & the Rearguard @ foodmachine 2014
Rhyas & the Rearguard @ foodmachine 2014

This past Saturday was our annual Foodmachine tournament, hosted by local PG Plarzoid.

This also saw my (triumphant?) return to Warmachine after 2+ months out of the game.  I decided to bring my Rhyas Rearguard list because 1) it is 100% painted and 2) it is hella fun to play.  Unfortunately this year, possibly due to a change in date or maybe other things going on, turnout was much lower than last year.  Thus we only had a two round event. Still good times though, and awesome prize support as well!

Regardless, here’s how I did PLUS a gallery!

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[Journeyman 2013] That’s a wrap people!

Rhyas - The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4
Rhyas – The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4

Another year, another Journeyman League gone.

Tonight is the ‘Awards Ceremony’ for our Journeyman League.  Six weeks of painting and playing games behind me, I now have a fully painted 50 point army (see above) to terrorize the table tops with. Overall, I didn’t win any of the categories but came close in two of them (which was a huge surprise to me), and went 10-6 as far as win-loss record which is the bigger news! With Rhyas. Boom shaka laka naysayers.

The army is a lot of fun to play as it’s very different from my Menoth.  You have to be VERY aggressive with it to get anywhere and always on the look out for assassination opportunities (more so than usual).  FURY management is also a big concern for it with a FURY 5 warlock and two heavies and a light capable of producing 11 fury if you max them out.  Make sure to keep that Shepard safe! Sometimes I wanted/needed Rhyas to have a ranged attack spell, but when all else fails, just apply Rhyas and see where it takes you.  And never look down on Riposte.  I think it killed as many models as Rhyas did charging. Also the beef wall of terror causing Ogruns is fantastic! It’s 12 models totaling 96 health boxes, all at ARM 16-17. It can be a lot to chew through for some people.  Then you have a mess of Swordsmen to clean up the remains.

Surprise MVP? The Nephilim Solider.  He assassinated more casters than either Rhyas or the two heavies.

So what’s next for me?

A break probably.  In actuality, I think it’s time to indulge in some palette cleansing games (like Infinity!).  More on that (very) soon!

[Journeyman 2013] Let the games begin! But first, a gallery…

Last night was the first night of actually playing this army, so I’ll have real up impressions soon.  In all honesty, 15pts doesn’t lend itself to a lot of subtlety, so this army just kinda rushes up and makes with the chopey chopey.

All this gets me to Tier 2 currently (first round stealth and a free swordsmen UA), and according to my collection calculator is 44% of my Rearguard army painted. None too shabby. Typhon is currently on the painting table.  Followed by Warspears after that.

Sidenote: I changed the [Slow Grow 2013] to [Journeyman 2013] as that’s the title everyone is familiar with.

[Slow Grow 2013] Custom Rhyas gets some paint!

Custom Rhyas, Everblight's Kunoichi.

My custom Rhyas conversion finally got some paint over the weekend in anticipation of the start of the Journeyman League games this Thursday.

She came out looking a lot more Strider-ish than originally anticipated (although I’d be lying if he wasn’t a source of inspiration).  I may even go back and paint her mask red to match the scarf…we’ll see.  A detail here and there are left, mostly with her scarf tail.  For some reason it’s a much darker red than the rest. Weird.

Related sidenote:  I’ve joined Lost Hemisphere’s Unloved Model Challenge 2013 as I feel Rhyas (and the Rearguard) qualify for it.  Here is my thread.  It contains much of what you see on my blog.  Here are the rules if you are interested.

[Slow Grow 2013] My custom Rhyas for the Rearguard

custom Rhyas WIP
custom Rhyas WIP

Just a quick post today.

I present my custom Rhyas conversion for my Rearguard!

I’d say I’m indifferent to the standard Rhyas sculpt.  I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it.  It’s boring.  Very.  It’s not very ninja-like (or even a proper way to hold your sword at the ready).  What I really wanted I guess is something like this. Or this.  Or even this.  You know…a proper ninja pose.

Enter custom figure.  I found an idea a while back (I wish I had saved the pic) that inspired this conversion, and I’m pretty happy with it.  It’s made from Legion parts so she still looks exactly as she should.  But I feel this captures more movement, as if she’s twirling her sword around and catching someone off-guard.  Like a ninja would.  And you all know how much I like a sense of movement in my miniatures.  If it’s a pose that would look good or be featured in a slow motion cut, I’m there.

Once the green stuff cures, this and the last batch of models and bases are getting primed and thus will end the prepwork for this Journeyman League.  It’s just going to be straight painting for the next month or so. Granted this may be the last [Slow Grow 2013] tagged post for a week or more because until the Swordsmen and UA are painted, their won’t be much interesting progress.

It should without question now, C & C welcome!

[Slow Grow 2013] Legion Swordsmen

Initial Test Model.
Initial Test Model.

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a witty post title.  I have failed you *seppuku*.

As my last post suggested, I’m beginning to work on my swordsmen interspersed between other model to try and soften the, what I guess can described as, monotony of painting a full sized twelve man unit.  I didn’t have a super clear picture in my head of how I wanted them to be painted, just that I wanted to have something in between my Shepard and my Warmongers.  The model you see above is the initial test model…

Click on for more up to date pics…

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[Slow Grow 2013] “Warmongers.” “Shepard.”

Warmongers (min unit) and the Shepard are finally on bases, and what I consider my first ‘completed‘ models for my Legion of Everblight Rearguard.

Still not that happy with how the bases are coming out, but the peeps on the forums seem to like them, so I guess they’ll stay that way.

I really love how these guys came out and I think the new blue I used on the skintones is the key to that.  I still have the other two left to max out the unit, but for now, I’m focusing on getting the rest of the bases ready as I don’t like when I finish painting a model and don’t have a base for him.  It’s kinda demotivating as they never feel done until they are on a base.  At the moment, they are in the (slow) process of getting layer after layer of water effects.

What do you guys think?  C + C is always welcome.  In the mean time, working on Swordsmen!  These 12 man small-based units always slow down my momentum and drive, that’s why I intend on getting them started and done sooner rather than later.  After 12 dudes, a 5 man unit should seem like a breeze!

[Slow Grow 2013] Slow, slow progress…

Legion Swordsmen WIP
You won’t slow me down this year!

Last night I finally got some more progress on painting my Legion.  Lately its been all prep work which is easily my least favorite part of the hobby.

I was able to prime Typhon (the most annoying model ever to assemble), some remaining Warspears and loose models, and the rest of my bases I picked up from Secret Weapon (more on those in a bit).

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[Slow Grow 2013] A flock needs a Shepard!

Nyss Shepard
“I see you.”

After reading about Plarzoid’s plan’s for his Highlander lists for the first weeks of Slow Grow, it got me thinking about mine.

Now I don’t have a ton of models to choose from as far as Legion goes, but this format shouldn’t prove a problem for me.  The biggest issue I would have had was the one light/heavy beasts as I only have 3, one of whom is a character which I think is not allowed (Typhon).  I had originally planned on doing:


  • -Scythean
  • -Nephilim Soldier
  • Minimum Warmongers
  • War Chief

The problem with that is I thought the Soldier was 4 points when he’s actually 5, which puts me 1 point over…Welp, time to switch it up and paint up some of my other solos I have availible, either the Succubus or the Shepard.  I’m sure you’ve guessed which one I chose.

I’m super happy with how she’s coming out.  I just need to finish her feathers and belt buckles.  At first she was really kind of intimidating due to her size and all those little details.  Plus I had no idea on the color scheme yet for any other models besides Ogruns.  But I just dived in and next thing I know here she is, almost completed.  Enjoy the pics!

Oh and I should be getting my bases in the mail soon, so I can finally ‘complete’ some models and make them playable!

Gallery Time!