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[Relic Knights] Black Diamond Starter Unboxing

Ah Relic Knights…the kickstarter many thought would never arrive…

Many of our locals that went into in have begun to actually recieve their rewards!  One of those locals is Plarzoid, which means by extension, ME!

I jumped onto Plarz’ pledge (does one man really need four factions?), picking Black Diamond as my faction of choice. I didn’t really go as over board as some of our folks, only adding a box of Black Dragons to my order.  But we’ll get there. First let’s start with want comes in the new Starter box Soda Pop Miniatures has made for the game…

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[Arena Rex] Let’s check in on Arena Rex…

Since we last left Arena Rex, I was contemplating backing their kickstarter…I’m glad I did because while the game is late (more the norm with kickstarter rather than the exception), Red Republic Games has been doing everything right in my book in terms of communications and quality.  Check out these amazing latest sculpts!

They’ve also relaunched their website today with an art gallery to showcase their amazing artwork (the first thing that drew me to the game) and sculpts!  This one is getting really hard to wait for!

Warmachine: Tactics for PC & Mac announced!

So that long awaited Warmachine video game?  Yeah it’s no longer a 3rd person action title (that reminded me a bit of Destiny Warriors), but a strategy game seemingly more akin to the actual table top game.

And surprise, surprise they’re going to Kickstarter for the funding.  I am willing to bet they have no problems surpassing their goal in less than 12 hours.

While rampant speculation isn’t really my thing (I’ll leave that to the forums), I’m cautiously optimistic about the project.

Check out the Press Release here and Matt Wilson’s Insider here for more info.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer!

Sigh…Another Kickstarter has grabbed my attention: Arena Rex!

Well, I say another like I’ve dumped loads of cash into tons of Kickstarter projects, when in actuality I’ve only done one (Relic Knights) so far and I’m splitting the basic bundle deal they did with someone.  Anyway, here is another new game that has really caught my attention lately: Arena Rex.

I am super in love with the art and what I’ve read about the gameplay.  It really seems like a quick skirmish game that would be a nice diversion for me.  I also love damn near all of the characters revealed so far, a rare feat for miniature games in regards to me, so that’s another point in its favor.  They only have one mini ready (Aquila) but gdaybloke previewed it and also I found this paint article on it and it looks pretty ace.

Be sure to check it out in the links above!

EDIT: They just released a gameplay video, yup this sealed the deal for me, I’m going in:

And now for something completely different: Relic Knights!

So this Relic Knights kickstarter has been the talk of our gaming group lately, and also of a great many of the blogging community that I follow.

I came across some of the Relic Knight models awhile ago and thought they were cool (they have a few at the store I play at) but I thought they were just like pin-up statue type things.  Now there is a game around it and a lot of our guys are excited about it.  It’s the kind of hype I’ve been looking for Infinity around here.

Well, their Kickstarter is only a few days from being over now and the amount of stuff you can get is amazing!  I’m getting together with Plarzoid and splitting one of the packs. I think it’s better to get two people 1 starter each so you have 2 players, rather than 1 player with 2 factions :).

Which faction am I going with?

I’ve decided to go with the Black Diamond.  The reasoning is that they look like a shooty faction.  Thus it would actually be different from all the melee centric Warmachine (and the Legion Rearguard I got brewin’) armies I tend to play.  Speaking of the other factions I was considering: Since Menoth has become my main squeeze, that automatically DQ’ed the paladin faction for me.  The Noh were actually my second choice however, because the models are really cool, but with the Rearguard list I’ve got in the queue, it’s almost the same idea (ninjas and Onis).  The pirates were the third choice, but I like some models but hate the others.  The other two factions I just don’t like enough of the models enough to field them.

I’m still debating getting the big Diamondback Armor.  It’s really awesome, but I’m worried about spending a lot on a game I’m not 100% I’ll like, know what I mean?

Very happy with my my faction choice.
Very happy with my my faction choice. Still debating that Diamondback armor though…

You can check out more faction shots here.  Anyone else getting into this? What do you plan on running?

Where’s the NoVA Open coverage and other posts?!

Sorry I haven’t reported much yet, I guess I’m still recoving from all the warmachinin’ over the weekend, and the Journeyman League that is ending this Sunday (I’m currently third in all three categories (games, hobby, total points), my best league showing yet), which has caused me to burn out on painting for a bit…more updates are coming I promise.