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Kayazy Kommando Test Model

Kazazy Kommando (Kayazy Assassin Conversion) test model
Jus' tryin' ta make a point...

Continuing with my painting ADD, I popped out this test model for one of my converted Kayazy Assassins. I went with a more darker scheme than my usual, since they are assassins after all. I still managed to keep the cloak as the red on the inside, white on the outside, that pretty much everything else that has a cloak/cape has on my Khador. That way they are still tied into the rest of my white Khador with that element.

Still a WIP as I still need to do the cloak (2 brush blending time!) and highlighting and additional detailing everywhere else.

I think that I really like this scheme, although it’s more inline with my Zerkova than my Strakhov.


Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins? A WIP Conversion.

Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins?
Who's ugly now?! *shank you very much*

Here’s something that has been in the works for a while but a mixture of not having enough free time lately and missing some tools, have kept me from realizing it.  But no more!

It’s been no secret that I (and many others I’m sure) think that the stock Kayazy Assassins are ugly.  I set forth to rectify that.

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Iron Fang Pikemen Officer and Standard Bearer and Kayazy Eliminators almost done!

Iron Fang Pikemen Officer and Standard Bearer
Iron Fang Pikemen Officer and Standard Bearer

Today I had a good amount of time to get some work done, so that I did!  I all but finished the UA for the IFP and I love the way the scheme turned out.  I wrestled with how to paint them for a while, and I guess that was just one of the reasons why I’ve been putting them off.  These actually went by much faster than I thought (another reason I was putting them off), so maybe doing a full unit won’t be so bad.  I have still yet to brass rod them all so the other arms are just for show in the pics right now (you can spy the blue tac).

I also decided to keep them at as regular IFP rather than the Black Dragons, because while I like the Black Dragon shields and banner more, the mini-feat was what decided it for me.  I feel the extra movement would have more uses generally than an +4 ARM for a turn.

On to the Eliminators.

Ahh, the Eliminators, how I love thee (until I face them that is).  These ladies are done minus their faces and some highlights on the capes.  I attempted eyes on them about 4-5 times now, but it always looks terrible.  I don’t think I have a brush with a point small enough for the task yet.  Maybe I need a 000 (3/0/0)?

Oh and I forgot to mention, I am getting another pair of Eliminators.  Muahahaha.


On the painting table…

Kayazy Eliminators WIP
Kayazy Eliminators WIP

I’m back with a painting frenzy!  On my table I have the Eliminators that I previewed yesterday, this time with a bit more work done, about 75% to completion.  Also are the two warjacks I’ve been working on (slowly), a Decimator and Beast-09.  I’m chugging away at Beast-09 but I’m having trouble because he is put together.  I guess I’m so use to painting each part separate, but for whatever reason I decided to put Beast-09 together before painting him.  I have no idea how you guys get the results you do with fully assembled models.  Paint gets everywhere where I don’t want it and then there are times I can’t even reach some areas to paint!

Also I got started on 3 of the 12 Iron Fang Pikemen I have.  I use them in every game pretty much, so it’s about time really.  I’m going to tackle them in sets of 3 to keep my sanity…oh, and I have yet to do their brass rods…

Been awhile…

So its been awhile since we last spoke. This was mostly due to some personal things I’ve had going on, but I’m back now and have been chipping away at the mountain of pewter i have yet to paint.

In addition to finishing what I already had, I couldn’t resist the urge to get started on my Kayazy Eliminators. Since I got them a couple weeks back, I’ve included them into every list I’ve made. They have paid back their points in spades each time! But sadly, I’ve been using two plain bases to stand in for them and that’s been bugging me to no end, so I had to do something about that.

Below is the progress on one. They will be done by the next game day, they may not have snow yet, but they’ll be painted and on their bases.

Hello ladies…

Kayazy Eliminators
Beautiful, detailed sculpts.

This past Saturday I checked out/played a game at a LGS that I found that was 15 minutes away from me.  But the bigger story is…look what I found!  Imagine my surprise when I spied these lovelies sitting on the shelf! I immediately bought them and put them on the table in my first ever 50 point game (it was a looong, yet very fun one).  They were worth their points and them some!  I may have to pick myself up another unit if I stumble upon one since they are FA:2…

I really like the poses on these two, but for the one that is lunging, I’m going to put her leaning forward at an angle a bit more as if she’s lunging at someone.  The studio pose on the “daggers in the air one” is much like you see, very vertical, and it doesn’t quite sit well with me.  I’m a fan of dynamic poses (love Nicia and the Daughters’ poses) and with a quick test, my idea looks really good if I do so say myself. My other issue is from when I was cleaning them up, mine had some mold lines right down the middle of their faces, which I got but hopefully didn’t mess up too much.  When I get some primer on them we’ll see.

Now to start planning their color scheme, because sorry Iron Fangs, after the Shocktroopers and Beast-09 are finished, these are next.