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When the internet goes on strike, a warjack get painted…

Khador Heavy (WIP)

I’m sure you were aware of the Internet black-out protest thing in regards to SOPA/PIPA yesterday.  WordPress participated and so did this site, seeing how I (and many blogs in general) I link to copyrighted material all the time.

But this site is about miniatures not about some high horse, so let’s talk miniatures!  With a lot of my distractions gone yesterday (lovely!), I finally got some work done on the other Khador Heavy Omni-jack that’s been sitting in pieces waiting for paint and glue.  Seriously, it irks me seeing my miniatures in pieces laying about. I’d much rather have them assembled so I can display and use them! And just like that…MOTIVATION FOUND!

This guy is about 75% done I’d say.  All that is left is detail work, you know, picking out rivets (so many rivets), the spikes, some detailing on his exhaust pipes (think I’m going to try what I did on my MoW test models exhaust pipe again), that sort of stuff.  One night’s work left probably. I’m also thinking of attempting freehand again, but I’m not sure what to name this guy…Anyone have any ideas of a good Khadoran name for a warjack?

Overall, I’m very happy with the way his scheme came together.  Much better than the original omni-jack.  This guy is being based off of the color layout of Torch.  I’ll have some comparison shots of the two omni-jacks in the final post of this guy.  Now his arms are a different story.  I have a pair of each kind of Khador heavy armament to paint.

Hopefully to give this guy a try with a three ‘jack pVlad game tonight!

Last Nights Games

Let’s try this gallery thing.  Let me know if you like it.

Last night I made it late to Game Parlour, so I was only able to get one game in, this time against Chris and his Cryx force with Epic Deneghra. It was going okay until he unleashed his feat before I could mine.  I never quite recovered from it.  By the time I was able to make a decent counter-attack, Strakhov was already down to 3 wounds left. He did manage to take out one of Chris’ ‘jacks all by himself and I was able to take out one other ‘jack and most of his heavy. Looking back, I probably could’ve survived but I forgot about Strakhov’s Sprint special ability, which would have put me out of the helljack’s range. Oh well, live and learn. Still a good time though.

The rest are pics of the other various games, though the pics aren’t that great because I forgot my camera so I used my phone.

Slow Grow League

As luck would have it, there is going to be a Slow Grow League in my area starting on September 10th. Slow grow leagues are for newbies such as myself and are meant to help you learn the game and get you painting.  You get points for playing games, winning and painting. At the end of this league they will be awarding prizes. Pretty damn excited about it.

The first games are battlebox levels, so 9-11 point games. In two weeks it’ll go to 15 points and so on until we reach 35 point games.  I’ll be running Kommander Strakhov as my warcaster, with a Juggernaut and a Decimator for a 10 point list.

But why this list?

Kommander Strakhov (PP Official Model)
Kommander Strakhov (PP Official Model)

Strakhov is the coolest looking Khador warcaster to me, I just also happen to like his set of skills and feat. He is all about movement, either enhancing it or hindering.  Khador is notoriously slow.  See where I’m going with this? He is also a more front line caster, with a decent range of attacks and stats and I tend to play aggressively, so another point him. Plus, if you read any of the stories from the books (the “fluff”), the guy is just an all around badass, always cool, calm, collected and with a (dark and dry)sense of humor.

Juggernaut (Privateer Press Official Model)
Juggernaut (Privateer Press Official Model)

Ah, the Juggernaut. This is the model that got me into the game. All Khador lists start with a Juggernaut right?  The Juggernaut is the all around workhorse and beatstick of the Khador army and Strakhov will help him get his massive ax to face quicker.

Now I could have went Marauder or Destroyer instead of Decimator.  Personally the Marauder model and skills do nothing for me. I’ve used the Destroyer before (it being the other workhorse of Khador) but I always leave it to the back lines so that it can fire it’s cannon and I don’t feel as if I capitalize enough on it. It’s woefully inaccurate and the AOE isn’t really that helpful at this level unless they keep their warcaster really close to their warjacks. The Decimator has a cannon for single targets so I still have a range option, plus it has a higher Rate of Fire than the Destroyer (2 instead of 1), but that’s not why I brought him along.  See, he has a massive ripsaw for the other arm that has a sustained attack. If I can get him into a warjack’s, or even better their warcaster’s, face, I’m pretty much wrecking it. Now if only I had a means of getting him there after I’ve been using him to soften them up at range…Maybe Strakhov’s feat turn…

Decimator (Privateer Press Official Model)
Decimator (Privateer Press Official Model)

Oh yes, Saturday will be fun. Unless I lose…Okay okay, it’ll still be fun.

Now for the bad news. I have 35 points of Khador coming to me, but it won’t get here until the end of September. Hopefully I can proxy (mooch) some units until then…