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Initiate Tristan Durant & repainting my Menites.

So I decided to stop putting it off and just dive back into Menoth. It’s been like 6 months at least since I’ve seriously touched a Menoth model (painting wise, I’ve been playing them this whole time), since I decided at the start of 2014 that I would indeed repaint and rebase them. Hence why updates on this site have been fairly few as compared to other years.

A little crazy sure, but I came to the realization that I just hate my current scheme. After staring at them on table and in countless pics, I just can’t take them anymore. They look so…unfinished. Which is frustrating as I know how much time I’ve spent even getting them to their current state. And I’m just tired of painting gold.  For as much as I’ve painted it, I still can’t get it to look good enough.

Reznik @ 35pt
Fully painted, and yet so blah to me now…


How’d I get to this new scheme?  Read on…

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