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Atteeenn-tion! Kommandant Irusk is on the field!

Kommandant Irusk
At ease men...

Finally got around to taking pics of my Kommandant Irusk even though I’ve been fielding him for some months now (can I still blame it on my wedding?  Yeah, let’s do that…).  I’ll have some more of the others that I painted awhile ago but never got around to posting :/  My bad.

The color scheme on this one was what re-invigorated my Khador and shifted it’s overall color scheme slightly as you can tell if you look at the models since him.  There are more hints of black and red.  Mostly black.

Plus he was one of the first where I think I did a very good job in trying to keep the paint job clean and precise.

Gallery and play thoughts after the break…

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Painting Table Progress Update! [Pic heavy]

For a few weeks at the beginning of the year, I was in a real painting funk. I just couldn’t get any of my projects started.  But late-January, something just clicked and I’ve been on a role since!  I think it’s just when you finish one model, you feel compelled to finish another.  And then another.  I’m making such progresss and have been able to squeeze in able an hour most days for painting that I am setting myself a goal:

All Khador models painted before I get married.

That gives me until mid-April. What do I have left besides what I am able to show you?

  • 12 Iron Fang Pikemen (I’m mostly concerned with 8 at the moment however)
  • Zerkova
  • Butcher
  • Warjack arm bits

Why the goal?  Well, I still have a ton of Menoth to get stated on, which I am also in the process of prepping.  I also I don’t want to get started on them until after I take Meg Maples’ class at the end of March.  But the big reason is that I want a painted force!  I’m taking a cue from Plarz and his new year resolution,  no new forces until the others are painted!  While I already have the Menoth force, I have yet to really use them.  Plus, I’m sooooo close to finishing my Khador!

Enough ranting for now…TO THE PAINTING TABLE!

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[WIP] Irusk never loses his head…

…on the battlefield.  On my painting table…not so much.

This is what I needed!!

The Shocktroopers have been getting me down for many reasons (don’t think they are turning out as cleanly as I’d like, they are a slog, etc..), but true to form, Kommandant Irusk is able to get me reinvigorated!  I love the way his scheme is turning out so much!  It doesn’t have as much white as the others, but I think that works in his favor.  The whole chest/shoulder armor is my favorite.

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Learned something new today…

A guy at my LGS gave me a classic sculpt of Irusk and Butcher. They were stripped and taken apart but still had some superglue that caused some gaps when putting them back together.  I remembered that to get superglue off your hands you use nail polish remover (acetone). So I grabbed some from the fiancee and gave Irusk a little bath to remove the excess glues…

Apparently it melts plastic. Yeah…I really should have done more research on this one.