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How to Play Warmachine Tutorial Video

Privateer Press is really embracing this whole internet fad thing and put out what is the definitive “How to Play Warmachine” video.

I’m sure they’ll do one for Hordes soon.

Here’s also my beginner’s guide: So you want to play Warmachine?


So you want to play Infinity? A Beginner’s Guide!

Since finishing my Gorgos, I’ve been on a bit of an Infinity kick. I’ve even been thinking about getting a little Haqqislam force (my original army choice) to go with my Tohaa.  And with talks of 3rd edition coming out this fall…I think it’s high time I got these bros on the table more often…

How can you not want this?!
How can you not want this?!

But I think I’m jumping ahead a bit. This is more about a beginner’s guide to Infinity.  Well, I’m actually going to hand that off to Certs, who over on his blog answers all your Infinity questions, like: What the hell is Infinity?  How do you play? What do I need? And so on.  Much like my So you want to play WM/H? post, Certs does an amazing job breaking down damn near EVERYTHING you want to know in easy to understand snippets.  Check it out!

An introduction to Infinity

Where to find Infinity terrain?

So you want to play Warmachine/Hordes? A Beginner’s Guide

Note: this is only slightly out of date as this was written during MK2. MK3 is the current ruleset. There are some nuance differences in the ruleset but for the most part, many things still apply.

So you want to starting playing Warmachine and Hordes, but you haven’t the slightest where to start?

I put together this guide for the WM/H subreddit a few months back in order to help “noobs” and beginners get better acquainted with the game. Figured might as well share it here as well.  This is by no means comprehensive, but I tried to touch on each subject in broad stokes in order to keep things from getting too overwhelming for someone new to the game (or wargaming in general as that was my case).

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