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Nephilim Soldier done, Scythean started!

nephilim soldier done 3
Man, I really love this blue.

Just wanted to share the work I was able to do on the Nephilim Soldier last night.  He’s pretty much done at the moment and I’m very happy with the result.  In fact, it’s emboldened me to push on.  This is 5 points down, 45 to go!

Still undecided on what to do as far as basing though.  I did have an idea when I remembered that my mom has one of these hanging up in her house.  I was going to swing by on the weekend anyway, but now I think I’ll also try and get a mold of it made with some insta-mold and then make a cast that I’ll smash to chunks.  Thoughts?

Also, I have some pics of the Scythean I started on.  The first week of the Slow Grow/Journeyman (never know which is the right one to call it) culminates in a 15pt Highlander event, which means I need one of every model type.  I have the Nephilim Soldier as my light, the Scythean as my heavy warbeast (as the other in the list is Typhon and I don’t think characters are permitted), Swordsmen or warmongers (probably Warmongers) as my unit, and either a Shepard or a War chief (probably the War Chief) as my solo.  Rhyas as my warlock of course.

Talkin’ about Ogruns tomorrow!

Reznik & the Reckoner: Bros 4 Life.

Always swingin' for the fences!
Always swingin’ for the fences!

Following on up my post yesterday featuring your favorite neighborhood executioner,  I did happen to have a Reckoner laying around!

Well, to be honest, he’d been laying around at about 50% complete for a few weeks.  I kept putting him off because I was in my Khador mentality where 4 jacks was more than I would ever need as only 2 typically saw the table at a time.  So units needed to be done!  But this is Menoth! The ‘jack faction if the forums are to be believed.  So what’s one more warjack eh?  The more the merrier right?

Tomorrow will be the first night this bad boy sees the table along with his homeboy Reznik.  Reznik really seems like he likes the Reckoner chassis warjacks, if only for the extra speed and reach on two of them in order to make the best use of the out of activation battlegroup moves and attacks.

My initial thoughts on the Reckoner itself however:  SPD5 heavy?! Whaaa?!  Reach? Assault? A DEF debuff? Only 8 points?! 

Having a innate SPD5 heavy will probably be the  biggest thing for me as up to this point, I’ve only had SPD4.  I know it’s only +1, but that makes a difference!  How much?  Not sure, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night.

More to come shortly: Daughters of the Flame! And part 2 of my thrilling Extreme eKreoss conversion!  Stay tuned!!

When the internet goes on strike, a warjack get painted…

Khador Heavy (WIP)

I’m sure you were aware of the Internet black-out protest thing in regards to SOPA/PIPA yesterday.  WordPress participated and so did this site, seeing how I (and many blogs in general) I link to copyrighted material all the time.

But this site is about miniatures not about some high horse, so let’s talk miniatures!  With a lot of my distractions gone yesterday (lovely!), I finally got some work done on the other Khador Heavy Omni-jack that’s been sitting in pieces waiting for paint and glue.  Seriously, it irks me seeing my miniatures in pieces laying about. I’d much rather have them assembled so I can display and use them! And just like that…MOTIVATION FOUND!

This guy is about 75% done I’d say.  All that is left is detail work, you know, picking out rivets (so many rivets), the spikes, some detailing on his exhaust pipes (think I’m going to try what I did on my MoW test models exhaust pipe again), that sort of stuff.  One night’s work left probably. I’m also thinking of attempting freehand again, but I’m not sure what to name this guy…Anyone have any ideas of a good Khadoran name for a warjack?

Overall, I’m very happy with the way his scheme came together.  Much better than the original omni-jack.  This guy is being based off of the color layout of Torch.  I’ll have some comparison shots of the two omni-jacks in the final post of this guy.  Now his arms are a different story.  I have a pair of each kind of Khador heavy armament to paint.

Hopefully to give this guy a try with a three ‘jack pVlad game tonight!

Torch! Burninating all the peoples!

Torch gon give it to ya!

It’s pretty safe to say that I’m proud of my Torch.   I really took my time on this guy to make sure he came out as good and clean as possible, since to me, he is by far the coolest looking warjack in Warmachine currently.

Strakhov battlegroup
BFFs fo lyfe.

The other two heavy warjacks I have magnetized for flexibility and pretty standard bases, but for the character ‘jacks (Torch and Beast-09) I decided to just go ahead and give them static poses and more elaborate bases.  In this case, I set up Torch to mimic Kommander Strakhov’s pose, seeing as how he is his personal warjack.  I then decided to take it one step further and have Torch completely mimic Strakhov’s color scheme.  It came out awesome and may approximate the scheme on my remaining warjacks (Beast-09 will be mimicking Sorscha, I do know that), but we’ll see.

Torch is pretty much auto-include in my lists nowadays and he never fails to perform on the table.  Enjoy the pictures! (Sidenote: In the coming week(s), even more completed posts are coming! Stay tuned!) Thoughts, comments, suggestions?  I’m open to them!

You can track Torch’s progress in these posts: one, two, three, and this one as the final.

His entry on CoolMiniOrNot. (where he is currently my most highly rated model!)


A touch of progress…

Due to being in Bahston the last few days, I’ve fallen behind in my painting (was I ever really ahead?). Last night was my first free night so I decided to finish up my wardog and begin on Torch, my second warjack.

On Torch I’m trying something a little different. I’m going to paint him in pieces and then put him together. I’m also following the painting order I learned from handcannononline and starting with the metallics first. What you see in the pics below is the start of gold on Torch and the rest of my crew that is waiting for Torch to be finished so that they can get some snow on their bases and be finished.

It’s safe to say I’m way behind in my league. I’m still finishing up my 15 points when we are on the second week of 25 points…next up is Man-o-war Shocktroopers and Iron Fang Pikemen for my 25 point game on Thursday. Ouch and not going to happen.

Now excuse me while I rant a bit. I have a variety of paints from different paint lines. I do not like GW paints (the washes are great however). The gold I have from GW is just terrible coverage-wise. I much prefer the P3 or Reaper lines (and they aren’t paying me to say that). I know there are many that would disagree with me and I know GW is the name when it comes to miniatures but my gold is really frustrating me. Hopefully it’s just this pot?

Oh and also big news before I forget! One of Privateer Press’ studio painters is go to be holding a workshop in March and I got in! Can’t wait 🙂

This blog post was done entirely from my phone. WP7 is so awesome (they also aren’t paying me to say that).

Khador Heavy Warjack (Tukinosk)

This is the first miniature I have ever done. I decided to get a Khador Heavy Warjack to practice on. One, because it was the model that turned me on to the game. Two, because I planned on rolling Khador if I played and it gave me options, and three, because the warjack was probably easier to start out on than a unit of miniatures due to the size.

I received my warjack  and some paints in the mail and do some searching online for best practices and things like that. Like I said, the kit gives you options and I wanted to find the best way to utilize that. In this case, one kit will let you create four different warjack configurations (Khador only uses one chassis for their warjacks). I found several articles online about magnetizing the warjack so you could swap out the parts you needed or wanted to play.

Fourteen rare earth magnets later, I ended up magnetizing the arms and hands. I decided to just stick on the Juggernaut head as it was my favorite of the four and because it would have been a bitch to magnetize (and later keep track of).  I also just glued the waist and legs for stability and added tabletop toughness. With the next two warjacks I have coming in the 2 player kit, I plan on converting one permanently to Torch and the other I will magnetize the same way, but he’ll have a more dynamic pose. Below is the kit assembled and with all the bits.

14 Magnets


The typical (canon) Khador scheme is Red. Lots of red.  That’s cool, I love red. Had red not been the default color (and the color most people paint their Khador), I would have painted mine mostly red as well. They are also very much influenced by WWII Russia and Eastern Europe. With their homeland being a very cold, harsh and unforgiving place, I decided to use that as inspiration for my personal scheme. I am also running Strakhov as my primary warcaster, and as he is the Black Ops kommander of Khador, I came up with the idea that he would strike at any foes using the snow-covered lands as his camouflage. Finally I drew some inspiration from a different source, Game of Thrones. My fiancée and her family are big into the series and I also enjoy the HBO series (purists put down your pitchforks, I would have read the books had I not gotten into this hobby instead). In that series, there are mythical creatures beyond the Wall called the “Others” or “White Walkers”.  This appealed to me as I envisioned a sort of rapid strike force that befell the enemy like an avalanche at a moment’s notice.  Also the mythical part plays into Strakhov’s fluff (the story bits).  His black op exploits have made him feared throughout the Iron Kingdoms.

So I present to you the 616th, Kommander Strakhov’s “White Walkers”! Aaaaaand away we go (after the jump)!

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