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The Great Bears of Gallowswood! For when you absolutely need something dead…

∑Sorry for the delay…these guys were done last year but I guess I just forgot to take pictures of them…
The Great Bears of Gallowswood!
The Great Bears of Gallowswood!

These guys…what a bunch of badasses.  Their stats are awesome, their fluff is awesome and their models are awesome.

The Great Bears was a unit I was very excited to get.  I just love their backstory and what they bring to the table (pure destruction).  When I got them, I pretty much put everything else aside and got to work painting them.  Surprisingly enough, I had a tough time figuring out a way to incorporate my color scheme to these guys (and subsequently, their Iron Fang brethren).  They were also a lot harder to paint than I thought they would be.  So much so, that I’ve become very hesitant to get to work on my Iron Fangs, as it took me almost a month to finish the Bears, I can only imagine how long it will take me to finish 12 Iron Fangs.

The Great Bears of Gallowswood!
The Great Bears of Gallowswood!

Of note, is that on each one I gave a different colored bear. I love little touches like that.

Great Bears of Gallowswood (WIP)

Great Bears of Gallowswood!

Been awhile since I had an update…

In between life, I’ve been busy working on the Great Bears and finishing the Marksman (which I’ll put in a different post) so that I can one day have them finished.  Seriously, it’s felt like I’ve been working on these four models forever.  I still have some work to do on each of them (cleaning up some over painting and spots here and there), but I would wager that these guys are about 85-90% done.

I’m especially proud of how I gave each one a different colored bear.  I know it’s a small, dumb detail that no one may notice, but I think it’s things like that, that can make a model or a unit.

Oh and WordPress has completely overhauled the way they handle images and in particular, galleries.  Now it’s actually easy AND convenient to look at all the pictures. So check out the new gallery feature and let me know what you think (about the models or the gallery)!

Great Bears of Gallowswood!Great Bears of Gallery-wood!

Test scheme for Great Bears: almost done…

I started to work on my first Great Bear. It’s looking pretty good so far I think. Man o man, white is such a pain to work with. But I’m such a fan of my white Khador’s look…I’m so torn.

Quick sidenote: I can say this though, my Menoth are definitely going to be a darker scheme when I move on to them. I even have a scheme for them in mind already…

There is still a lot of detail work like studs and emblems, and some clean up on the face, but this guy is almost done.

EDIT: Whoa, sorry for the blurry pictures…they didn’t look so bad on my phone.

The start of something Great…

Today I had some time so I got to work on a project that I have really been putting off for far too long, a carrying case. But not just any case, no sir. A cheap, DIY one. Things were barreling along, until I realized after some tests, that nothing I had to cut the foam with cut quite like I wanted or as easy as I wanted. So again, it must be put off. But keep an eye out for a tutorial on how you too, can make a carrying case for your minis for under $25. It won’t win any beauty pageants, but if my calculations are correct, it’ll shuttle about 50-70 models around comfortably and without fear of damage. Hopefully I’ll have it done no later than the weekend because with 35 point games…well, you know…

So needing to feel like I accomplished something tonight, I started on a personal fave unit of mine in Khador, the Great Bears of Gallowswood. I was able to but a base coat of most of the colors on one of them (I’m going to do them one at a time). Also I was able to get Torch glued together.